07 December 2015

The Green Side

Being in the military is a different experience for men and women.   While most men find it very easy to find 'significant others’ outside of the service they are in, it’s not that easy for women.
Many civilian men are hesitant when it comes to dating a woman who is probably a better shot than they are. Then of course, there is the fact that the women will probably be called upon to serve in a war zone of some sort, while he would be stuck at home, sending care packages and worrying each time he turns on the news.
What this leads to is the fact that most men in the military will marry civilians, and most military women will marry military men. While this does simplify the explanations about upcoming deployments, it tends to leave many men with small children on a regular basis. This leads to thousands of men who develop a casual ease with childcare, and I think it’s time to let the secret out.
I state here and now, for women, a man who knows his way around diapers, formula, favorite toys and bedtime stories is more revered in some circles than Chesty Puller (forgive me Gen Puller!). There is just something about a big tough military man with a diaper bag draped over his shoulder, corralling an active year old child with casual ease in the commissary that make women's hearts flutter.
For a woman in uniform, who wants a child at some point, you know that the man you choose, will be Mr. Mom on a semi-regular basis during your career. The trick for us is telling which man will be up for the job, and which of them will run screaming for the hills the moment that first diaper comes off and the smell burns its way through your nose. I tell you this so that you will understand the doe-eyed smiles of women in uniform, should you make a fast trip to the PX or a commissary run with the kids. It’s not so much your masculine appeal, (which, I am sure is greatly to be admired,) but it’s the casual way you deal with missing shoes, dropped binkies, and the constant “whys” that drives any parent to near insanity at times.
So, there you have it.  Military women are a different breed. We not only want romance, affection, and love... we want a man who isn't going to quiver in terror the second a baby is shoved into his arms. Sure, we might be a bit more work than a civilian woman, but who else is ever going to understand your life choices as well as we can?

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  1. When I was in college back in those 70s years, my academic adviser was a Harvard U. & Johns Hopkins grad. & Korean War vet. who'd bring his 3 small children to student events on weekends, to give the missus (who was an @home tutor) a break: when they got too boisterous, he'd snap his fingers & bark, "Alright, fall in!!"

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