12 November 2015

We’ve always believed in giving veterans the green light.

Author Name:- Walmart
With 22 million veterans in this country, their contributions to our nation are immeasurable. Any effort to highlight their achievements and show our appreciation would be a display of loyalty that can’t be ignored.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to strive to do.

Walmart is proud to power Greenlight A Vet – a national campaign that will shine a light on the strengths and values that veterans bring to our communities. Together, we can recognize the important contributions they make for our nation and in our communities:

·      Hiring a veteran or helping a veteran find a job
·      Volunteering and serving with veteran groups in your local community
·      Raising awareness on social media using #GreenlightAVet
·      Changing a light in your home or on your porch to green to signal your support.

As part of this movement, Walmart has proudly greenlit the company’s 100,000th hire since 2013 as part of the Walmart Veterans Welcome Home Commitment. And we’re not done yet. By 2020, we’re committed to 250,000 veteran hires. Each and every new opportunity is a strong foundation for civilian transition – and it’s these paths to success that we’re going to brilliantly light up.  

A successful transition does take more than just a job opportunity – veterans face other challenges when returning to the civilian workforce. Recognizing this, the Walmart Foundation has committed an additional $20 million to support veteran job training, education and community-based initiatives. By investing in innovative public and private partnerships, we’re working toward giving every veteran a strong foundation to build their civilian careers.

It’ll take both big initiatives like those and small acts of support from everyday Americans to really make a difference. Greenlight A Vet is the start of a national movement spotlighting the contributions our veterans bring defending our way of life and the value they offer in our communities. Both are irreplaceable.

Learn more about how you can shine a light on veterans across the country. Visit greenlightavet.com.


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