25 November 2015

Drive the Change

If you’ve watched any major sporting event on TV lately you’ve likely seen the Armed Forces newest commercial:  “The challenges facing the country never stop…  We train, adapt, and get smarter…  Not to keep up with change, but to drive it.”

Changing the direction of your professional career from military service to the civilian sector can be overwhelming.  The change itself, however, is inevitable.  It’s not about keeping up with this change, it’s about driving it.  Just like your time in the service, you train, adapt, and get smarter.  Part of getting smarter is keeping an open mind and exploring all opportunities available to you on the civilian side, before settling on the one that’s right for you.  One of these opportunities worth checking out is agency ownership with Farmers Insurance.

Farmers made the transition from my 10 year army career easy for me.  What I appreciate most about the 87 year old Fortune 500 Company is that their values aren’t much different than those we have in the military.  Not only does Farmers demonstrate values like leadership, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage, they also value veterans.  Farmers doesn't just talk about supporting veterans like other companies; they know actions speak louder than words, and they know support and financial assistance speak loudest of all.

The top reasons I hear from veterans hesitant to explore this opportunity are that they have a lack of industry experience or they have a lack of capital.  Farmers removes both these obstacles from the equation.  The experience veterans bring to the table outweigh the importance of industry experience--Farmers' nationally recognized training program can teach product knowledge.  What it can't teach, and what veterans already have, is a train-to-task mentality, leadership that can recognize and mitigate roadblocks and challenges, and personal courage to step outside comfort zones and see the bigger picture.
The business ownership opportunity with Farmers isn't for everyone, but for the people who want to be their own bosses, build something for their children to inherit, and help people protect their homes and families, this is the perfect opportunity.  It’s a continuation of protecting others, very much what we were passionate about in the military, except as an agency owner where there's no risk of being deployed to a combat zone!  For more information about transitioning from service member to agency owner, I encourage you to watch and share Farmers Insurance Military Veteran Program:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-34d6d0-lo

Other than talking about the Farmers Opportunity with your battle buddies, please help us spread the word about Suits for Soldiers, an event happening in our mid-Atlantic states this year CT, MD. NY, PA, NJ and GA, with hopes to expand the event nationally next year.  Farmers is collecting new and gently used men’s and women’s business suits from November 11th through December 11th at your local Farmers agencies.  To learn more about donating suits, receiving a donated suit, or agency ownership opportunities, call 1.888.MILHIRE (1.888.645.4473).

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