07 July 2015

100,00 Jobs Mission: 10 Companies That Are Hiring Veterans Now

David Yoo, RallyPoint Civilian Careers.

100,000 Jobs Mission

The 100,000 Jobs Mission, as it is stated on the mission's website, began in 2011 as a coalition of eleven companies. These companies were "committed to hire 100,000 veterans by 2020" but have, since then, hired more than 240,000 so far (more than double the original goal). The coalition has also grown to more than 190 companies that represent almost every industry in the American economy. 

Each company in the coalition has committed to hire veterans, report their hiring number on a quarterly basis, and also share best practices. Because the coalition has surpassed the original goal of hiring 100,000 veterans, they have raised their goal and pledge to hire hundreds of thousands more. Today we'll go over 10 of the 190 companies that are a part of this coalition.

#1 JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Veteran Friendly Recruiter JPMorgan Chase & Co.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is the largest back in the United States and is a major provider of banking and financial services. The multinational company was one of the founding members of the 100,000 Jobs Mission coalition and has, according to its veteran recruiting page, hired more than 8,800 military veterans since 2011.

The bank states in its mission statement: "Our company offers veterans and military spouses the opportunity to put their skills and experience to work for a global team that is dedicated to making a real difference for the community, doing what’s right for our clients and customers, providing our employees with the opportunity to define unique career paths and creating bold innovations to help improve our customer experience. 

We have a dedicated military recruiting team that has helped hire more than 8,800 veterans since 2011. And we have designed training, mentoring and other programs to help bridge the transition from the military to corporate culture. Our goal is your long-term success."

Check out JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s military and veterans page here. Reach out to current JPMorgan Chase & Co's employees and recruiters on the unofficial company page on RallyPoint.

#2 Timken

Veteran Friendly Recruiter Timken

The Timken Company is a global manufacturer (28 countries) of bearings, and other related components. As stated by its military hiring landing page, the areas in which Timken hires veterans include but are not limited to: manufacturing, engineering, sales, customer service, IT, finance, and supply chain. Timken has employed over 600 individuals in the United States that are self-identified veterans and 1,200 with military experience. 

Timken has also donated $250,00 to the USO's Operation Enduring Care campaign to assist U.S. military veterans, as a part of company's commitment to aid those who have served. The USO's campaign will "design, build and endow Wounded Warrior Support Centers at Bethesda, Md., and For Belvoir, Va., to offer specialized spaces, services and programs to serve the troops recovering in long-term care and their families."

Check out Timken's career searching service here. Reach out to current Timken employees and colleagues on the unofficial Timken company page on RallyPoint.

#3 Amazon

Veteran Friendly Recruiter Amazon

Amazon is an American e-commerce (electronic commerce) company. It is the largest Internet-based retailer in the U.S. The company started as an online bookstore, but later started selling more diverse products such as electronics, clothing, furniture, food, toys and other common products. The company has also produced its own electronic products such as the Kindle and Fire tablets. 

Fortune wrote a piece on Amazon's enthusiastic efforts to recruit veterans: "In 2011, 25% of new salaried employees hired by the online retailer at its fulfillment centers were ex-military. That appetite for vets landed Amazon in the No. 1 position for 2012 in the annual ranking of the top 100 military-friendly employers compiled by G.I. Jobs magazine. It’s somewhat counterintuitive to think of the technology industry picking up the hiring slack for soldiers, sailors, and the like. But Amazon is really a logistics company as much as a tech company."

The company also has it's own career corner. The page welcomes veterans to explore the career opportunities. The page quotes Jeff Bezos, Amazon's CEO, who alluded to Amazon's leadership principles when he said "These principles look very familiar to men and women who have served our country in the armed forces, and we find that their experience leading people is invaluable in our fast-paced work environment."

Check out Amazon's unofficial RP page here.

#4 Unum

Unum is a Tennessee-based insurance company. It was created in 1999 when Unum Corporation and the Provident Companies merged (Unum was formerly known as UnumProvident). Unum is the top disability insurer in both the United States and United Kingdom and offers various insurance services/products such as accident and life insurance.

Unum has an "Accelerated Leadership Development Program" which is a "high visibility rotational leadership program that provides veterans an unparalleled opportunity to expand their industry knowledge and hone their skills sets through career exploration and ongoing senior leadership coaching and support."

To check out some career opportunities with Unum, check out their home page here. Check out the company's unofficial RallyPoint page here and follow the page if you are a current employee. You can also reach out to current employees on the same page. 

#5 General Mills

Veteran Friendly Recruiter General Mills

General Mills is a multinational manufacturer of consumer foods. The company began in the United States with flour mills on the banks of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1866. The company's food is marketed in more than 100 countries on six continents. Though the company's corporate offices are located within the United States, about half of the organization's 43,000 employees work outside the United States. Some of the popular products that General Mills has created includes Green Giant vegetables, Cheerios cereal, Betty Crocker dessert mixes and Pillsbury refrigerated dough.

One of General Mills' annual report describes the company's outreach to the veteran population as a mission "to recruit, retain and position veterans for success at General Mills. Bringing awareness, internally and externally, that General Mills is a veteran-friendly workplace, has been a main focus, including launching, in partnership with Diversity & Inclusion and Recruiting, a dedicated landing page for veterans on the external careers website and an additional veterans informational page under our main external website responsibility section."

Check out the unofficial General Mills company page on RallyPoint to be a part of General Mills' discussion or to reach out to current employees and colleagues.

#6 Ernst & Young

Veteran Friendly Recruiter Ernst and Young

Ernst & Young is a professional services firm and the third largest professional services firm in the world by aggregated revenue in 2014. It provides assurance (including financial audit), tax, consulting and advisory services to companies. The company operates as a "network of member firms which are separate legal entities in individual countries." The organization has 190,000 employees in over 700 offices around 150 countries in the world.

Ernst & Young has, during the past several years, used its Veterans Network to spread the word about the value of veterans in the workplace, plan events and initiatives important to veterans, and supported veteran peer mentoring programs. 

The Ernst & Young military careers page also spends some time explaining their commitment to hiring veterans: "we’re dedicated to leveraging and promoting the valuable skills and experiences veterans bring to the table. And we’re honored to support them. Veterans make great employees — their military experience provides them with the leadership skills, confidence and teaming abilities that can be gained few other places."

Check out Ernst & Young's unofficial RallyPoint page here.

#7 Bristol-Myers Squibb


Veteran Friendly Recruiter Bristol-Myers Squibb

Bristol-Myers Squibb was formed in 1989, after the merge of Bristol-Myers and the Squibb Corporation. It is a pharmaceutical company that manufactures prescription pharmaceuticals in areas including cancer, HIV/AIDS, heart-related disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and psychiatric disorders. 

Bristol-Myers Squibb has already shown its commitment to the veteran community by announcing more than $2 million in new grants to support three leading programs that help post-9/11 veterans and their families transition from military to civilian life. It has also committed ten grants totaling $3.28 million to help address the mental health needs of returning veterans. 

Bristol-Myers Squibb has a specific military careers corner on their page. Check out their RallyPoint page here

#8 Intel 

Veteran Friendly Recruiter Intel

Intel is an American multinational technology company based in California. Intel is the world's largest manufacturer of computer chips and, despite recent challenges by other competitors such as AMD and Cyrix, Intel still dominates the market for PC microprocessors. 

Intel says that about 4,300 of its U.S.-based employees are veterans. The company said it has hired, on average, one military veteran a day over the past year. Additionally, the company said it has hired, on average, one military veteran a day over the past year. 8% of Intel U.S. based employees have self-identified as military veterans representing the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy. 

Check out Intel's Careers for Veterans page here and Intel's unofficial RallyPoint page here.

#9 Sears Holdings

Sears Holdings Corporation is an multinational holding company and the owner of Sears and Kmart, which was founded after the latter purchased the former in 2005. The company operators about 4,000 retail locations under the names of Sears, Kmart, and their other subsidiaries. As of 2013, the company is listed as the 13th largest retailer by annual revenue. 

Sears Holdings has demonstrated its commitment to hiring veterans by surpassing its 2013 and 2014 goals of hiring 6,000 - 6,500 veterans and anticipates to hire more in the years after. The company currently employs more than 30,000 veteran associates, many of whom are still serving in the National Guard and the Reserve forces.

These associates joined the company in a variety of roles, including store manager, category manager and marketing project manager. The company's efforts to bring talented veterans into leadership roles is gaining traction as it realized a 20 percent increase in salaried veteran hires from 2012 to 2013, and plans to continue that trend moving forward.

Check out Sears Holdings veterans page here. Sears Holding is also an official partner with RallyPoint and, therefore, has an official company page on RallyPoint which can be found here. You can find their latest job postings on their page and also be a part of an active discussion related to employment and other topics within the Sears Holdings veteran community. You can also reach out to Sears Holdings' veteran employees and connect with them and the page.

#10 Western Union

Veteran Friendly Recruiter Western Union

The Western Union Company is an financial services and communications company. The company has several divisions and departments, each charged with the management of different products such as person-to-person money transfer, money orders, business payments and commercial services.

Some career opportunities with Western Union includes: Accounting, Administrative/Corporate, Audit Banking/Finance, Customer Service, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal/Compliance, Management, Marketing/Communications, Operations, Risk, and Sales. Check out their opportunities here.

If you are interested in finding more opportunities on RallyPoint, check out the career corner here.

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