30 June 2015

Top 4 Private Sector Industries for Veterans in 2015

David Yoo, RallyPoint Civilian Careers.
Top Jobs for Veterans

The infographic above highlights some of the major breakdown of veterans in the private sector by industry in 2012. The top three major industries at the time included manufacturing, professional business services, and retail, which accounted for nearly half of the employed veteran population in the private sector. 

Since the 2012 report by the U.S. Office of Personal Management has been published, the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee released an updated report (published in 2014) on the state of veteran employment that revealed some changing trends. 

Veterans make important contributions to numerous industries, the report explains, and today represent about 6.5 percent of all private-sector employees. The new report also revealed the veteran employment breakdown in the private sector using more recent data. According to the report, there is a "particularly strong veteran presence in the transportation and utilities industry (12.2 percent of workers), mining (11.7 percent), manufacturing (9.0 percent) and construction (8.1 percent)."

In short, the report indicates that the transportation and utilities, mining, manufacturing, construction, and information industries have collectively made up almost half of the current veteran hires. The report also suggests that veterans are seeing a decline in presence in the retail and business and professional services industry. Veterans now make up 5.9% and 7.3% of retail and professional business services, respectively -- a 7.1% and 7.7% decline since 2012.

Below we outline the top 4 industries where there is a high demand for veterans with skills and qualities learned and gained throughout their years of service. 

#1 Transportation and Utilities

The transportation and utilities industry, the industry with currently one of the highest employed veteran population, has many openings that range from engineers to vehicle and transportation technician specialists.
Top Veteran Jobs and Industries in Engineering

For example, Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII) received recognition from the Virginia Department of Veterans for employing countless veterans for the shipbuilding headquarters in Newport News, Virginia. Industrial product managers and ship engineers continue to be one of the "hot" positions for companies who seek qualified veterans who can fill the vacancy.

Companies that need train engineers and train operators are also starting to look towards the veteran population to fill these high-demand positions. 

Additionally, many of the country's energy companies express great interest in tapping into the veteran population's potential and have shown great strides in seeking transitioning members of the armed forces. Chesapeake Energy and CenterPoint Energy are merely two examples of companies who are turning to the veterans to fill professional and technical jobs in their companies. 

#2 Mining

Top Veteran Jobs and Industries in MiningWorking for a mining company does not solely involve putting on a hardhat and digging away in dark-lit caves. Many companies both inside and outside the United States (such as Australia) have expressed interest in having veterans fill positions for important jobs within their companies. These types of companies require electricians, carpenters, and heavy equipment operators. For example, companies such as American Mining and Crushing (AMC) and Newton actively seek to staff their offices and fields with qualified veterans who know how to lead and operate. 

The AMC is the newly established US subsidiary of African Mining & Crushing, which has presence in the international mining industry and 10 years of experience an international mining company with more than 300 employees, while Newton provides resources to veteran employees whether they are transitioning to civilian life, transitioning back to reserve status from active duty or preparing to deploy. Many more opportunities are available in this industry and many companies already recognize the value that veterans bring to their workforce. Qualities of discipline, being a team player, and being able to fix problems under pressure are especially compelling reasons to hire employees with a military background in this sector.

#3 Manufacturing

Operations managers, industrial product managers and logisticians are among the many openings that companies have for veterans interested in working in the manufacturing industry. 

Operations managers have the important task of ensuring that the warehouse, facility, or factory is running according to plan and that it is being run as efficiently as possible. Veterans are seen to be highly qualified in this particular area due to the military's culture and focus on paying attention to detail and ensuring processes are being done according to standard protocol. 
Top Veteran Jobs and Industries in Manufacturing
An article written by Orion International (the full article can be found here) explained: "Polaris, maker of off-road vehicles, including ATVs, motorcycles, and snowmobiles, is among the companies leveraging veteran talent among their ranks. 'Our operations managers can support any piece of the company. Right now we’re filling a lot of these positions in our international groups, corporate procurement, sales and service, and the manufacturing side, where they’re focusing on things like lean,' explains Amy Fossum, Staffing Manager at Polaris. She goes on to [explain] that Polaris hires veterans because they know how to lead, how to plan and conduct training, and they're adventurous."

Industrial product managers and logisticians are also attractive positions for veterans who seek civilian employment opportunities in manufacturing industries. In fact, some of the country's biggest manufacturing companies launched the Get Skills to Work Coalition, a few years ago, which was created to help veterans prepare for jobs in industrial production. These positions are ones that focus on managing the acquisition, distribution, and delivery of products and ensuring that the entire supply chain operations runs smoothly.

#4 Construction

A new focus by the country in an effort to revitalize construction projects has meant an increasing demand and desire to hire veterans with the skills and qualities that employers find attractive and necessary. Construction workers and construction program managers are one of the most desired positions in the industry.

Top Veteran Jobs and Industries in Construction

Construction program managers plan the work and determine the project's cost as well as ensuring that the project itself is carried out appropriately and on time. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has stated that about 1.5 million construction jobs will be added between today and 2022, meaning that the demand for construction program mangers will also increase and the veteran population is well positioned to take advantage of job openings in major construction companies. BC Construction Co. and Williamson & Associates, Inc. are two of many companies who are looking for veterans to fill positions in their construction projects.

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