31 December 2014

How are you reacting to the threats of ISIS towards our military?

In case you haven't already been made aware - ISIS “lone wolf” individuals or groups may target active duty, reserve, and any person who has served and displays symbols of their service. 

I believe the threat is real, and even if it is being over-hyped, there is nothing bad with being alert, aware, and ready to protect yourself and your family. 

In addition to physical displays of your service, we each have a social media imprint that probably informs people of our service. 

I am sure most of you are reading this, hunkering down, and thinking, "BRING IT!"

I have talked with several fellow Marines, and they are more than ready to defend themselves, their families, and fellow service members. I believe them. Other people I have discussed this with, however, are thinking about this threat and re-evaluating their actions - online and offline.

Due to my military training and current affiliations, I am usually alert and aware, perhaps overly so. I don't know how to turn it off, and that is perhaps a good thing. At any rate, I am even more heightened based on this news, and I want to make sure my fellow brothers and sisters-in-arms are aware as well.

Will this news change your actions or behaviors at all? What are your thoughts regarding this threat announcement to our nation's veterans and service-members?

Comment below or start the conversation here and connect within the military community.

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