17 October 2014

Will Israel and Palestine Ever Get Along?


If you look back, Israel and Palestine have an extremely turbulent history that has caused devastation on both sides. If you were to ask if they will ever be at peace, based on the past, the answer would be no. Time and time again Israel and Palestine have gone back and forth, leaving a path of destruction and asking for other countries to help pick up the pieces.

At the Gaza Reconstruction Conference in Cairo, $5.4 billion was raised to aid in rebuilding the Gaza strip…again. Interestingly enough, no one from Israel attended. According to the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, Egyptian officials feared many Arab states would have canceled if they knew an Israeli attended. Want to know how much the U.S. pledged? $400 million by the year’s end.

The U.S. has a long-standing history of giving money to Israel, since WWII more than $121 billion has been given. Since the mid 1990s, the U.S. has given Palestine $5 billion dollars…not including the most recent pledge.

As we give them our money, what is the guarantee that what happened will not happen again next week? Next year? Many countries that participated in the conference pushed for peace talks to continue and for a long-standing peace to take place. There were some concerned that Israel and Palestine’s stand off will not last. They will then be asked again to donate money to rebuild a city that these two combatant countries destroyed.

America and various countries can plea for a lasting peace between Israel and Palestine, but if they do not want to keep it then should we continue to give them money to rebuild their cities? Will Israel and Palestine ever be able to break the cycle?

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