10 September 2014

Leadership: An Ever-Evolving Process

For those of us in a leadership role, whether it be a fire team leader, NCO, or officer, one of the things I’ve learned early on is the fact that it is ever changing and evolving. It’s an active process that carries a weight on many different fronts, from social skills, to management, to learning, and lastly, to respect on both sides of leader and follower. One of the biggest pitfalls that can befall a leader is lack of situational awareness.

Think about it. As a pilot and flight instructor, I’ve been flying for over three years. I can tell you without a doubt that not one single flight is exactly the same as the last one. Some are very repetitive, some are boring, but the weather is always different, the routing, the payload, etc. Now, go back to your latest project, endeavor, or objective that you were tasked with? How much effort have you put into planning, preparing, executing, and completing the project? Were these efforts quantifiable, measurable?

I define situational awareness as being constantly aware of all aspects as they develop and change. What is the SITREP, what do we do about it, and how do we go about executing? Applying this thought process can do wonders throughout all aspects of not only military life, but civilian fields as well. It makes you an asset. You think on your feet, you are dynamic, and worthy of not only the leadership entrusted to you, but some of the respect from your peers on both sides of the chain. 

Try putting this into effect on your next training, project, or objective. See where it gets you. 

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*These opinions belong to the writer and in no way reflect the views of the DoD or other departments of the US government.

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