22 August 2014

Navy SEAL Adding Football to his Duties


Navy SEALs are notorious for their drive, competitive spirit, and dedication to the team.  All three of these qualities are on display when Tom Hruby takes the field during Northwestern preseason football practices. 

Hruby is a 32-year old Navy SEAL working out of the Great Lakes Naval Station, situated on Lake Michigan. Northwestern, conveniently located a few miles away in Chicago, presented the 6’3”, 230 lb Hruby with his next challenge. Hruby saved up three weeks of leave to participate in the Wildcat’s preseason camp. Hruby is competing against some of the top athletes in college football, even though he is fifteen years older than some of the players on the team.  

Northwestern Coach Pat Fitzgerald said he is incredibly surprised by Hruby’s ability, and admitted he had some doubt in Hruby’s ability to balance the commitments to family, work, and football. 

Reflecting on his new mission, Hruby went back to his BUD/S class where he was one of 32 to graduate in 2006. He went on to serve as a breacher in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, blowing doors in and jumping out of planes. This next challenge is just another obstacle to overcome.

In conjunction with his goal of making the football team, Hruby took the SAT and enrolled at NU. He also plans on living in the dorms to attend the 6 a.m. conditioning drills, all while balancing work and family. 

It is pretty incredible that this man has been able to take on all challenges, including BUD/S, several deployments, and this football team while still balancing his professional life and family. He is truly a model for those looking for an example of character and leadership.

What lessons do you take away from service members with this type of drive? Do they inspire you to be more? What motivates you?

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Image Copyright: Michael Schmidt/AP

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