04 August 2014

Helping Our Fallen Brothers and Sisters


We had a very somber day at RallyPoint when we lost one of our members SGT Shon Hill. Prior to his death, Hill reached out to the RP community asking how to deal with PTSD. The support was overwhelming, names and numbers were exchanged without hesitation. He was rallied around. Words of strength, guidance, and wisdom were given freely and most importantly he was told he was never alone in this battle.

Unfortunately, SGT Shon Hill’s battle with PTSD ended on July 5th, 2014. Loss is a very difficult subject to navigate, it is close to our hearts, it lingers with us. We remember everyone we have lost in battle, some die in the wars we fight and others, in their personal battles--all equal in their sacrifice and honor.

It is extremely difficult to see our brothers and sisters struggling, and sit by, powerless, unable to help. We never want what happened to SGT Shon Hill to happen to a close friend or to someone from our unit. There is no magic wand we can wave to alleviate the pain that ails our brothers and sisters struggling with PTSD. We can only be there to aid them in this battle, but here are a few things to consider:

1.     Let them know they are not alone. Get their family and friends to instill in them a sense of belonging. Knowing they have a strong support system will make a difference.
2.     Find them counseling. There are various support groups for PTSD along with chaplains who are more than willing to help. Help is available and do not let them forget that.
3.     Make sure your loved ones are in a safe environment. There is a strong correlation between PTSD and substance abuse. While we can’t watch a person 24/7, we can advocate for healthy lifestyle choices. An established safe environment creates stability.

What we do today for our brothers and sisters will impact their future. Maybe our own experience with PTSD gives us the ability to be stronger mentors; nevertheless our mentorship will be highly regarded. What we do for them now could save their life in the future. Finally, do not forget that when you need support, we are here for you at RallyPoint – 300,000 strong.

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  1. Loosing him after it seemed he had turned the corner leaves me with more questions than answers. We will never know all the details of what happened the night he left us - but - he has given me a stronger resolve to reach out to any soldier who asks and do my best to help them understand they are not alone .....

  2. So many of us scan the boards and reach out in any way we are capable to all members who ask for help. We need to be cognizant that we are all human, that we need to care of ourselves so we have the energy, vitality, and stamina to help our fellow members. We are not invincible like we believed at sixteen years old. We have witnessed all too often that life is fragile and can be lost due to no logical reason, but just happens. We cannot control and predict all the issues that happen around us.

    If a gentle reminder and soft nudge moves you to pause in your day and assess your own wellbeing then I have accomplished my goal for this moment. We do not leave anyone behind and we give 110% to keep everyone on a straight path. My challenge for you is to be aware that secondary trauma is real. With that, we need to reconcile with ourselves that we will ‘practice what we preach’, take care of ourselves and make sure we are in the best mental condition possible so we are not compromised as we spend a tremendous amount of strength and energy helping those team members who ask.