16 August 2014

A Captain's Last Fight


Captain Justin Finch has been given a death sentence in the form of a terminal cancer diagnosis, but he is fighting one more battle before he goes. He has his sights set on the epidemic of veteran suicide in the United States and has gained the support of many people in his own fight as well as the fight for other heroes. 

Finch has had 41 chemo treatments, multiple surgeries, and has lost nearly 60 pounds. He wants to avoid curling up a ball and feeling pity for himself. The guy is tough. 

Every week, Finch dedicates Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to chemotherapy and spends Thursday and Friday managing a research and development company operating out of the Army Natick Labs. Knowing roughly 22 veterans commit suicide every day which is about 8,000 a year, Finch has poured his heart into the nonprofit, Active Heroes. A campaign apart of Active Heroes called Carry the Fallen orchestrates ruck marches to benefit the nonprofit. He used to participate in the marathon rucks until his condition forced him to watch from the support vehicle, while shouting encouragement to the participants. He and his team, called Team Minuteman, have raised well over $100,000 and he has personally raised $60,000 to benefit Active Heroes. 

Finch’s ultimate goal is to open a 244-acre retreat in Kentucky to veterans who are in need of healing and a renewed connection with those experiencing similar difficulties in life. He knows his time is limited so he has poured his life into making the retreat a possibility, even contributing $10,000 of his own to the cause. Captain Finch’s ultimate goal is to see the retreat open before he dies.

Finch is a man who recognized the potential effects he could make on people’s lives, even though he is dying of cancer. He is truly a model of courage and resolve that people should remember when battling through their own problems or fears.

Do you think outdoor, physical activity is a better form a therapy than prescription pills or VA visits? There around more and more of these types of organizations popping up around the country.

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