29 July 2014

Why should you go back to school after serving?


If you were given the opportunity to better yourself in order to create a sound future for your family would you say no? Over a lifetime, a college graduate can earn roughly $570,000 more than the average person with a high school diploma. 2010 Census Bureau data shows a master's degree can add $12,000 to $17,000 to a year income over a bachelor's degree, and a PhD $30,000 to $51,000. Are you ready to hit the books?

There will be some challenges that will arise in going back to school. It is a complete change of pace from being in the military, but there is nothing that you can’t handle. You have served the nation and now, it is time to serve yourself. The higher you climb on the educational ladder, the more it pays. What’s even better, because of your service you can get a huge portion, if not all of your education costs covered - thanks to the GI Bill. You are primed to take control of your future and change it for the better.

Lets touch on some of the benefits of going back to school after serving:

Greater Career Flexibility: Education creates career options and opens doors to many different fields. Maybe you already have a degree and you want to get your Master’s, when you advance your education you are increasing future career opportunities. The continuation of your education will continue to develop your skills from the military as well as promote the growth of new ones.

Higher quality of life: It’s undeniable that higher education means higher pay – a no-brainer when you do not have to worry about student loans. Going to school pays off down the line: you will start with a higher base pay. Think of it this way, by pursuing an advanced education you are adding a Ferrari to your lifetime earnings.

Value Education: Going back to school will benefit others too: your family. By returning to school, you are reinforcing a family value of encouraging your children to seek the path of higher education. Make a statement to your family that self-improvement is important.

Help with Transition: Going back to school is a great way to transition back into civilian life. Going back to school gives you the opportunity to improve your career prospects, guarantee higher earnings post graduation, and ease back into civilian life.  What could be better?

Are you ready to continue climbing up the ranks?

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