01 July 2014

Top 5 Military Skills for Civilian Jobs

Every skill is transferable. It’s just how you sell yourself that makes the difference.  One of the most important things to remember while in the process of translating your military experience into civilian based experienced is this: the skills you developed as a service member are truly valuable and are in high demand.

Here are some key skills you should highlight in your resume:
Leadership and management: The military training instills strong leadership skills and many businesses are in short supply of strong leaders. Working in high stress situations, thinking methodically, and using tactical frameworks is second nature to those who have served. These are key qualities that employers look for in managerial candidates.
Hard working and motivated: Saying that you have a strong work ethic is one thing, but succeeding in the military validates it.  You are task oriented, and know how to deliver.  By working hard and motivating your colleagues you will contribute to a work culture that will make all employees more productive.
Disciplined and reliable: No matter where you go, every employer will value your show of discipline and reliability. You know what it takes to make 6am formation for months on end - punctuality and diligence are second nature to you. These are foundational characteristics of star employees.
Team player: The ability to work with others is key wherever you decide to work - more importantly, the ability to effectively communicate with your peers is a many struggle with.  As the civilian sector depends more and more on digital communication channels, those with experience working with and leading teams are becoming a rarity.  Employers hunt for talent with experience like yours.
Positive attitude: Have you ever noticed in the military there is nothing that can’t be done?  As an employee this tenacity not only sets the tone for your colleagues, it will drive company leaders to do more, be more…sounding familiar?
The military turns its men and women into invaluable assets to the community that values leadership, diligence, discipline, and teamwork.  These are precisely the qualities civilian employers look for in every candidate they interview.  Reach out to colleagues or peers on RallyPoint to find out how they leveraged their experience to secure gainful employment.

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