22 July 2014

Staying in Touch with the Military after Transitioning


So you have successfully transitioned out of the military, you are working, you are moving forth with your life.  Have you found that there is something missing?

If you ask some of your fellow veterans if they missed being in the military, you would be surprised by their answers. Despite the various dangers and hardships that one faces while being deployed there are those who miss it. They miss the camaraderie, they miss the sense of unity, they miss the sense of community and the culture of honor. This is why it is important to stay connected with the military community after transitioning.

When you have a social outlet to stay connected with your fellow service members there is a way for all ranks of military outlets to meet and discuss issues affecting their every day life,  such as how to use the GI Bill or even how to explain what you did the in military to your children.

By staying in touch with the military community after you transition you will:

Regain that sense of community and military camaraderie sometimes civilians just don’t get it.

Have the opportunity to connect with those who have similar backgrounds as you. Do not forget you will never stop being a veteran.

Become a mentor to a service member starting with their transition process--a reminder that your service will not end when you leave the military.

You never know when staying in touch with such a vast community will help you in the future. Veterans are a powerful force and will always be willing to lend a helping hand when you are in need.

When you join the military, your service defines you. You eat it, breathe it, and sleep in it. So when you leave it, you are leaving a piece of yourself. There will be no one forcing you to stay in touch with the military community, but luckily it is easier than ever to keep in touch with those you’ve served with. And it truly benefits your wellbeing.

You’d be surprise how many of your fellow service members feel the same way you do. Those who reach out, find answers.

Comment below or share advice here and connect within the military network.

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