11 July 2014

Response to the Passing of Sergeant Shon Hill, US Army

Today, here at RallyPoint Headquarters, we have heavy hearts.

We are saddened by the loss of one of our courageous warrior brothers, Sergeant Shon Hill, US Army.

As a military community, we don’t measure courage and sacrifice solely in number of combat deployments, though Shon valiantly volunteered to deploy to Iraq as a combat medic; or only in how you respond to clear disaster, though Shon did assist in Katrina Relief Aid, just four months after returning from Iraq.

We tend to be most affected by courage demonstrated in moments of vulnerability and personal risk.  And courage is clearly displayed by the men and women who run towards danger.  Twenty days ago, Shon took a risk and reached out to his community for help.  He was open and honest. And hurting.  He was candid about his struggles with the physical, mental, and emotional stress caused by his service.  

Within minutes, he had brothers and sisters running toward him in support.  Several members of our community reached out to him directly, offering resources, encouragement and often times, their personal cell phone numbers.  Despite that love and support, two weeks later, we lost Shon when a train fatally struck him.

While his sudden, premature passing shakes us, we are encouraged that he was on this network.  And it is no small reassurance that the community rallied around him.  We have heavy hearts today, but resolved hands for tomorrow.   We are more motivated than ever to continue to build a network where others who are struggling can say Help and know they’ll have access to the strength, wisdom, and compassion of the collective.

We are resolved to demonstrate, as Shon did twenty days ago, courage through the pain.

Rest in Peace, Shon.

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  1. I second the motivation to continue to build a network where any member can ask for help and get it. I will do all I can to assist in the organization and streamline of the system and threads for that purpose!

  2. I as well am sad about our great loss. Shon was a great person thank you Rally Point for your kind words. I am the mother of his two boys who will serve the military as well in the future. Is there any help out there for my children? If so please contact me mexizelda@ Yahoo.com RIP Sgt Shon Dominic Hill you were loved by so many.