18 July 2014

Marine General Blasts White House Foreign Policy


This week a four-star general publicly questioned the White House and Pentagon policy. Commandant of the Marine Corps General James Amos said the Obama Administration paved the way for the emergence of the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS) in Iraq by completely withdrawing our troops back in 2011.

On Tuesday at the Brookings Institute, Amos spoke negatively about American foreign policy and its pattern over the years. He blamed the White House for the countless other flare-ups around the world and a lack of American presence. Amos said “I have a hard time believing that had we been there, and worked with their government, and worked with their parliament, and worked with their minister of defense, minister of the interior, I don’t think we’d be in the same shape we’re in today.” 

Amos went on to point out the growing misconception among the troops as they see ISIS’s rapid advance in Iraq and the Iraqi Army not defend their land. In reference to Anbar Province falling and the deaths of 852 Marines, he said “It breaks our hearts. They believed that they’d made a difference.”

The general may be retiring in the Fall, but his comments beg the question of whether or not he is out of line in questioning the Commander in Chief’s decisions. The Soldier’s Oath states “I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of those appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.”

Many Marines and military will appreciate Amos affirming their sacrifices and questioning the direction of the United States as parts of the world go up in flames. Others will look down on his behavior for questioning his Commander in Chief. 

Was Amos justified in making these comments?  Have you ever had to deal with fellow service members questioning the President? 

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