20 July 2014

July 20: Top 5 Discussions


Service members talk about all kinds of military-related topics, ranging from the latest regulation changes to career advice. Check out this week’s Top 5 Discussions on RallyPoint:

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  1. My brother is retired Air Force and I am Navy retired.We have shared a lot of poking over the years.He was stationed in Thailand during Nam and I got as far as Guam but did volunteer to transfer from the Navy to the Army when the notice came out of the need for helo pilots.My request was not approved as I was on a pre-com crew of a nuclear sub at the time.I ended up with an attack of kidney stones and ended up on the U.S.S. Hunley (AS-18) and went to Guam on it.I still regret the request being turned down but I guess the Lord was looking out for me we lost so many.We fought to help Vietnam throw off the communist take over,and never lost a battle.It was a true blessing when I read the article of General Gap saying that we won,just as all who served knew all along.God bless America and all my brothers and sisters,and may God bless and keep all who are still serving.