08 July 2014

How to Job Hunt While Transitioning


The entire transitioning process from the military to civilian life is daunting. One of the biggest stressors is finding a job within the civilian field. Take charge of your career search now to reduce the amount of stress and challenges that you will face when you start to transition.

Here are four steps you can take to prepare:

Get a plan: Start searching the job market now. Finding a job does not happen over night, it’s a long process that will take a lot of time researching. You want to figure out the field you are interested in and see what it has to offer.

Update your resume: One of the first things you will need to do when searching for a job is de-militarize your resume. It is not to say that your accomplishments mean nothing, it is that civilians do not understand military jargon. When you are interviewing that will be your time to shine with everything you accomplished in the military.

Network: Networking has evolved and social networking is essential while job hunting. Between RallyPoint and other professional sites, you can tap into your social network to help find yourself a job, you will be surprised about who you and your connections know. It is important that you are active in this endeavor because knowing someone in the field of your interest can change the game.

Find a mentor: With so many transitioning veterans it is important to know that you are not alone. Having someone who has gone through the same transition period as you can provide some guidance on all of your questions and concerns while you transition.

The job market is hard but never forget you are a highly qualified and trained individual. You just have to tap into your network and this is where RallyPoint can help you. Looking for a job? Check out the Career Corner. Looking for a mentor? Connect with thousands of active and former service members who can offer you guidance, advice, and support. 

Making connections on RallyPoint will only benefit you and could change your future. The transition period can be challenging for multiple reasons, but never forget that RallyPoint is here to support you.

Comment below or share advice here and connect within the military network.

Image Copyright: Elaine Wilson / American Forces Press Press Service

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