24 June 2014

How do you know when it’s time to transition?

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Thousands of service members retire each year, and you may be wondering if it’s your time to do the same, or you may want confirmation that staying in the military is right for you. Like entering the military, deciding to hang up the uniform is a big decision to carefully think through.

Here are 5 signs it’s time to transition:

1.  When you’re no longer enjoying your role and are not excited about your next series of opportunities. A lot of people join the military to do one thing, and do it (or not), and then after some progression are put into a new track, which is not why they joined but it’s difficult to exit that track.
2.  When military life is no longer compatible with family life. Everybody has different needs, some families struggle to meet the demands of the military. Military career is at most 20-30 years, but you’ll have your family forever. Finding a balance isn’t possible for some people.
3.  When the job is no longer challenging you and you’re not learning anymore. Feeling you’re adding value to yourself, as well as others, is important to life fulfillment. An opportunity in the civilian sector can be more intriguing and give a service member a positive change in direction or pace.
4.  When you think you are no longer able to contribute at your best. Perhaps a series of injuries (physical or emotional) are limiting you from your full potential in the same field, and some people feel that they need to stay in no matter what and feel guilty about their contributions nonetheless. In this situation, you should fairly evaluate where you can make the greatest impact, because there are many ways to have a positive impact on society outside the military as well.
5.  When the job is no longer rewarding and you no longer feel appreciated for your efforts. After a while, some service members get frustrated with internal politics of the system or with fellow service members.

RallyPoint can help with your transition decision-making and the actual transitioning process.
You can showcase all your military credentials and experiences, such as deployments, specific units, schools, certificates, and promotions. We encourage you to build a network now before you transition into civilian life, and the network will be established when you do need the “in” for a position you’re applying for. With your established connections, ask for advice and you will be surprised by how much information you’ll receive.

Comment below or share advice here and connect within the military network.

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