11 June 2014

First Female to Complete JOTC | RallyPoint.com

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Spc. Tinita Taylor, of the Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 3rd BCT, became the first woman to complete the Jungle Operations Training Course.  After finishing the course, Spc. Taylor said, “I wanted to prove to the men that I can do what they can do.”  It was her mind that needed to be controlled during the training phases, saying “My body held up, but telling myself that I can do it is what I needed to do.”

Spc. Taylor refers to herself as a “Warrior Princess” and has lofty goals in the coming weeks.  She plans to attend Air Assault School, Pre-Ranger training, then Ranger School.  Her ultimate goal is to be the first female to get a Ranger tab.

This is one of the most contentious subjects concerning the military at the moment.  Women are getting increased access to combat roles, as long as they complete the training requirements set for men.  Some claim the desire for equal representation of sexes in combat roles is leading to lowering standards or creating different criteria between men and women.

There are even more questions surrounding the behavior of men and women in integrated units because of the firestorm behind sexual assault in the military in recent years. Can men and women operate in close proximity and perform to the expected degree?  Do women change how officers give orders or the way units build camaraderie?

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