01 June 2014

Federal Agencies, Police Forces Militarizing: A Precursor for Future Unrest? | RallyPoint.com

By Anonymous Writer

As a member of the military, would you ever follow orders to fire on American citizens? A petty officer in the Navy raised the powerful question and based it on the recent militarization of several federal agencies, including the Bureau of Land Management with its skirmishes in Nevada.  A sergeant in the Army framed the dilemma from a legal standpoint, referencing the Posse Comitatus Act, which prohibits Federal Troops from enforcing state laws. The act grants those soldiers the power to disobey this type of order.

Many RallyPoint members said they’d refuse to fire on American citizens while serving in a military capacity, unless those being fired upon were an imminent and deadly threat to family, personal property, or the public in general.  I think we can all agree that this is the appropriate response.

What we really should think about are the hundreds of millions of dollars being funneled into local and state police forces to buy equipment similar to what is used in the military.  Armored Personnel Carriers, riot control vehicles, assault weapons and expanded S.W.A.T. units have grown in number since the inception of Homeland Security.  Some of this equipment is actually returning from Iraq and Afghanistan where they served as mine-resistant troop carriers.

What’s more, the federal government has bought hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition and has tried to restrict access to firearms in several states.  Take these factors and combine them with a wild increase in electronic surveillance and we are left with a grim idea of what is to come.

Is the militarization of police forces and federal agencies a response to the growth in private weapons sales? Does this growth demonstrate a growing distrust in the common American by the federal government?  Do you think the nation many of you have served is acting in the public’s best interest?

Weigh in on the discussion here and connect within the military network.

*These opinions belong to the Anonymous Writer and in no way reflect the views of RallyPoint.

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