21 April 2014

To counter IEDs, EOD techs teach enemy mindset | RallyPoint.com

Military News - To counter IEDs, EOD techs teach enemy mindset

Image Copyright: Defense Department

By James K. Sanborn, Staff writer
Copyright: www.marinecorpstimes.com

Red wire? Blue wire?

If only being an explosive ordnance technician were as simple in Afghanistan as it is in Hollywood. In reality, improvised explosive devices are continually evolving, but perhaps more importantly, so are the tactics used to deploy IEDs.

“EOD techs — historically we looked at the device. But, we are starting to expand. We are looking up and out to defeat not just the device, but to prevent the device from getting into the ground to begin with,” said Brett Erikson, a former Marine EOD Tech, who is now the Joint Asymmetric Threat Awareness Counter IED Program Manager for A-T Solutions, a private contractor that trains Marines.

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