11 April 2014

Lawmakers readying legislation to block A-10 cuts | RallyPoint.com

Military News - Lawmakers readying legislation to block A-10 cuts

Image Copyright: Master Sgt. Becky Vanshur / Air Force

By Brian Everstine, Staff writer
Copyright: www.militarytimes.com

Lawmakers in both the House and Senate are planning legislation to block the Air Force’s plans to retire the A-10.

The announcement comes during a week of contentious dialogue between the Air Force and Congress, with lawmakers alleging that the service is breaking the law by cutting back A-10 flying hours and by inflating its estimate of savings possible by retiring the A-10. Air Force officials say they are frustrated with lawmakers’ offbase claims that the service does not care about the close air support mission, or about the lives of service members on the ground whom the A-10 protects.

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