21 March 2014

New Army grooming, appearance regs leaked online | RallyPoint.com

New Army grooming, appearance regs leaked online

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By Michelle Tan
Staff report
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Details of the Army’s highly anticipated revisions to grooming and uniform regulations leaked online Thursday...

The updated Army Regulation 670-1 was approved March 6 by Army Secretary John McHugh, and it will replace more than 50 all-Army messages and include new policies on issues such as tattoos, fingernail polish and general uniform wear, the Army has said.

Senior officials told Army Times last fall that the regulation would largely be a return to rules in place before 2006, when the Army softened policies to allow in recruits with tattoos on their hands and necks. At the time, the Army sought to grow by 80,000 troops.

On Thursday, a set of 57 PowerPoint slides dated March 19 and titled “Uniform Policy Leaders Training” was posted on Facebook by U.S. Army W.T.F.! Moments and quickly spread across Army-related sites.

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