09 March 2014

General's Tearful Accuser Gives Graphic, Disturbing Testimony | RallyPoint.com


By David Zucchino
Copyright Los Angeles Times

FT. BRAGG, N.C. — Sobbing and burying her head in her hands, a U.S. Army captain testified Friday that Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair twice forced her to perform oral sex in her office in Afghanistan after she demanded that he remove her from her job working directly for him.

The sexual assaults took place with her office door open in a military office complex on busy Kandahar Air Field, she testified. In the first attack, she said, Sinclair roughly pushed her head and shoulders down after she told him, "I hated my life. I hated working for him."

The captain said she tried to resist the assaults inside her tiny office, but Sinclair was too strong. The second assault took place a week later, she said.

Choking back tears on the witness stand, she said she pushed him away and told him during the second assault: "If you ... touch me again I’ll scream and I don’t care who hears."

The allegations by the captain, 34, came on the first day of testimony by a prosecution witness in the court-martial of Sinclair, 51, who was deputy commander for U.S. troops in southern Afghanistan. She said the assaults took place around December 2011, after an off-and-on extramarital affair that lasted nearly three years across three continents.

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  1. Bullshit...there is no way that this happened like she says, if it happened at all! Door open!!!! Right, a Senior NCO would have stopped the BS and knocked the General on his ass...or if softer skilled MOS an NCO would have put a halt to it! It's all a lie people, don't buy into the BS!

  2. I was on a FOB in Iraq with this guy for nine months. He always creeped me out as far as a brigade commander can. What I want to know is how did his CSM not know about it? The little short bastard would get so pissed if you didn't salute Sinclair when you walked by. They lived in a dark little corner of nicely shaded CHUs right near mine. I honestly can't remember what my buddy who worked directly under him said after we first heard about this a year or more ago. But it wasn't good.