22 March 2014

24 soldiers receive Medal of Honor in 'historic' event | RallyPoint.com

24 soldiers receive Medal of Honor in 'historic' event

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By Michelle Tan
Staff writer
Copyright Military Times

When Pfc. Leonard Kravitz was killed in Korea, his childhood friend Mitchel Libman was crushed.

But as Libman learned about what his friend did on the battlefield, he began a years-long journey that culminated Tuesday when Kravitz and 23 others belatedly were awarded the Medal of Honor.

“This is the proudest I’ve ever been,” Libman said. “This was one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever done in my lifetime, and I’m very pleased to have had the opportunity to do it.”

Libman is widely credited as the man who pushed for what would become a sweeping review of records from World War II, Vietnam and Korea to ensure those deserving the nation’s highest award for valor were not denied because of their race or ethnicity.

On Tuesday, 24 soldiers from those wars —three of them still living — were recognized and honored during a White House ceremony hosted by President Obama. The Medal of Honor was presented posthumously to the families of the 21 soldiers who have died

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