24 February 2014

The Air Force is Launching a $21M Supercomputer at Wright-Patterson AFB | RallyPoint.com

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By Barrie Barber
Copyright 2014 Dayton Daily News, Ohio

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE — A $20.8 million supercomputer will nearly double the computing power at the Air Force Research Laboratory Department of Defense Supercomputing Resource Center.

The latest supercomputer, a Cray XC30 named “Lightning” after the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, will have the head-spinning capability to calculate one quadrillion calculations per second, or a numeral one followed by 15 zeros, said Jeff Graham, center director.

The new computer will work in tandem with the $25 million “Spirit” supercomputer, the SGI Altix Ice X, unveiled last July inside the Information Technology Complex at Wright-Patterson.

The supercomputer center, available to Defense Department users, normally has two high performance computers, Graham said.

Expected to arrive in May, the Cray Inc. supercomputer will reduce a backlog to get highly sought after time to test simulations and split second calculations, officials said.

“Our usage on Spirit has been really high,” said Lloyd Slonaker, chief of the advanced technology branch at AFRL.

The addition will provide a back-up in case one of the other computers is down for maintenance, they added.

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