24 February 2014

Pentagon: Flags at US Bases Must Be 100 Percent American Made | RallyPoint.com

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By Laura Petrecca
Copyright 2014 USA Today

Here's a Stars and Stripes shocker: Prior to Friday, flags bought by the Department of Defense weren't necessarily 100 percent American made.

But going forward, flags purchased by the military must be wholly sourced from the U.S. -- and not have any elements from overseas, according to a Department of Defense purchasing rules amendment that went into effect Friday.

While the Department of Defense's major flag vendors are American companies, the flag material -- such as ink and fabric -- could have come from foreign markets prior to the change.

"Our men (and) women in uniform should serve under American-made flags," Congressman Mike Thompson, D-Calif., said on his Facebook page last week.

He proposed the legislation requiring the flags to be 100 percent American made.

In that post, he also gave a nod to flag company North Bay Industries in Rohnert Park, Calif., which produces flags that are wholly American made. "Our tax dollars should be spent on American-made flags like those at NBI," he said.

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