12 February 2014

Army Identifies Hundreds of NCOs to Involuntarily Separate | RallyPoint.com

By Eric A. Brown
Copyright 2014 Stars and Stripes

The U.S. Army has identified hundreds of senior noncommissioned officers for involuntary separation as the service advances toward reducing 80,000 soldiers from its ranks by 2018.

The number of senior NCOs identified for separation under the Army’s Qualitative Service Program has increased by more than 310 percent over last year’s figures.

During fiscal 2013, the Army identified 160 active-duty and Army Reserve senior NCOs for separation under the program. In contrast, this fiscal year’s numbers have topped 506 for the same demographic.

“Although every effort is made to minimize denial of continued service to quality NCOs, the Army can no longer retain soldiers in over-strength skills as we improve grade and [Military Occupational Specialty],” said Lt. Gen. Howard Bromberg, deputy chief of staff for personnel, in an email to the force.

“These Soldiers are otherwise fully qualified for continued service and their selection by this force shaping process in no way diminishes their contributions to the Army,” Bromberg said.

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  1. They do this every time the war start to winded down. I saw it myself in the 80's and 90's. The problem is they put good NCO's out who have 2 years or less before reaching their retirement. The NCO selection process is weak. You make it to the E7,E8,and E9 By DA selection. A Good picture and and a misleading Personal file has gotten many promote to those top rank. Case in point I know for a fact that I saw many NCO's should have never been promote to E-8 or E-9. One a female who tried to kill her husband was select and promoted. Another was raping his step daughter. Other were members of secret societies inside the Army and just like the RIng knoker's from West point got promote faster than ROTC. If you were a Mason you mostly will be reach the Top senior level of the NCO Corp. If you were someone who work his or her way through college.Got your degree. never fail a PT Test.Never had any UCMJ action against you. Attended every Leadership course that a NCO could attend. Took on the toughest assignments in your mos and did well in most or all of them. NO problems on or off base. Coach baseball,football,bobby socks and soccer for the children living on base. You would think that this type of person who be at the top of the list. However anyone who served more than 20 yrs. I served 23 years would know that the permotion system has big problems. What will end up happening is the one's who did his or her job and didn't hang out at the NCO Club getting drunk and committing Adultery will stay and the good one's will be force to retire. Get an outside group who look at record and not those who the work with or who is in your lodge.

    1. Damn man spell check goes a long way.