22 January 2014

USMC: Political Candidates Must Stop Using Marine Corps Emblems | RallyPoint.com

By Mark J. Armstrong
Copyright 2014 Kerrville (Texas) Daily Times

Local candidate for county judge Bob Waller said Tuesday he will stop using the U.S. Marine Corps Eagle, Globe and Anchor in his campaign materials after learning that its use was prohibited and violated U.S. trademark law.

“I didn’t get specific permission,” Waller said when asked about it Tuesday. “I see the Marine Corps emblem used all the time, and I’m sure all those people or none of those people got permission to use it.”

Waller, a Vietnam veteran, is seeking the Republican Party nomination in the March 4 primary election, along with local attorney Tom Pollard. Both had filed to seek the nomination before the death of County Judge Pat Tinley last month.

The Eagle, Globe and Anchor, one of the most universally recognized symbols of any military branch of service, has appeared prominently on campaign signs, advertising material and on Waller’s campaign website.

Whether or not former Marines may use the Eagle, Globe and Anchor in campaign materials is a specific question in the frequently asked questions section of the U.S. Marine Corps Division of Public Affairs’ website.

“No, you may not use the official Marine Corps Seal, Eagle, Globe and Anchor (EGA), or any other USMC insignia or trademark in this manner, since it might create the impression that your candidacy is endorsed by or affiliated with the USMC in some way, or that the USMC has chosen your candidacy over other candidates.”

The site goes on to explain that the U.S. Marine Corps emblem is a trademark of the Marine Corps and, as such, is protected under federal trademark law. The site also states that use of any Corps emblems is strictly prohibited in any political context and that prohibition is consistent with the Marine Corps Uniform Regulations.

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