31 January 2014

Beast Mode: US Military is testing 'smart' sniper rifles | RallyPoint.com

By Douglas Ernst
Copyright 2014 The Washington Times
Image: Tracking Point, Inc.

Is this the dawn of the American super sniper? The U.S. military has acquired and is now testing “smart” rifles with the potential to be a game-changer on the modern battlefield.

“The military has purchased several units for testing and evaluation purposes,” said Oren Schauble, a marketing official with Texas based TrackingPoint Inc., defense website Military.com reported. The firm specializes in creating precision guided firearms.

While at the nation’s largest gun show in Las Vegas, Nev., the SHOT Show, the U.S. Army is said to have purchased six “smart” rifles after witnessing the product’s performance in the hands of novice shooters. Each rifle can cost up to $27,000, according to Military.com — but the rifle’s performance won them over.

A correspondent working for Military.com hit a target from roughly 1,000 yards away on his first shot. He reported that of 70 or so reporters and novice shooters who tried the rifle, only “one or two” missed from the extended range.

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