07 December 2013

(VIDEO) What It's Like To Be A Marine Recruit | RallyPoint.com

Marine Corps drill instructor

Marines often say that their boot camp experience is the most brutal of all the service branches. Well, let's see what this video of a real Marine recruiting class suggests. 

Here are our questions for you:

  1. Have you been to a different branch's boot camp?  If so, how did it compare to this?
  2. Have you been to Marine boot camp?  If so, was it worse or easier than this?
  3. Did anything surprise you from this clip?

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-- The RallyPoint.com team


  1. First night of Navy bootcamp is about the same.

  2. I've been in the Navy and Army. Both basic trainings are the same as far as yelling and what not... The only difference was the job knowledge that was passed onto me in each branch.

  3. I was in the Army and this was pretty much what I went through...AIT had this but the Drill Sergeants treated you like a soldier...in Basic Training was when they instilled the Soldier aspect of it

  4. What's funny is that everyone who has commented above stated that their boot camp was similar to this. I got news for you... "indoc", which is what is in the video here, is nothing like the remainder of boot camp. This is extremely low key and pales in comparison to the remainder of boot camp. I'm not bashing anyone else's branch of service, but wanted to clarify that this IS NOT even a 1/3 of what Marine boot camp is actually like after indoc.