01 December 2013

Busted: The Epic Saga of Ranger and SF Phony James Ingram | RallyPoint.com

This article was originally posted at an excellent website that many of us know: Guardian of Valor. You can check out more stories like this there.

We'd like to bring you one of our favorites from their Wall of Shame, which appears to be from earlier this year. RallyPoint.com did not contribute in any way to this story. For those of you familiar with this story -- yes, we know this has been brought to resolution.


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Wow, this guy is stacked!

Ranger And SF Phony James Ingram, Busted At His Place Of Business, Brave Tactical Outfitters

Some of you emailed us about this guy, and as you know we are so backlogged, it takes time to get to each case, but Our friends over at thisainthell busted him out today. Meet fake Ranger/SF, James Ingram. Ingram used his phony status to gain customers for his business, Brave Tactical.

Not only does he sport a Ranger and SF tab on his uniform, but he also has a tattoo of a Ranger tab. He is also sporting a CIB, Pathfinder, Air Assault and what possibly looks like the Army Scuba Badge, although I can’t be sure about that one due to picture quality.

A real Ranger spotted the faker on the  U.S. Army Ranger Association (USARA) Facebook page, and decided since he lived close by, he would confront him. The following is from an affidavit against Mr. Ingram, we have a copy of this sent to us from the person who wrote it.

On or about 23 DEC 2012 it had been brought to my attention via the U.S. Army Ranger Association (USARA) Facebook page that there was another imposter at work. Lately, we have discovered about 2-3/week across the country. James Ingram came to my attention because he was close by and I’d been in Blue Ridge just a few days prior visiting clients (Dermatologists) and prospecting.

On 24 December I had some spare time and decided to drive to Blue Ridge to visit Ingram’s place of business and confront him about claiming to be a Ranger. His business was closed. So, I contacted some acquaintances that I know in the local law enforcement community.

They knew of Ingram and one even had his cell phone number. They called him immediately on my behalf and had him call me. Ingram agreed to meet with me at the local McDonald’s; a public place chosen because it would be mutual ground.

When he arrived, he was obviously distraught. He asked that we move to his place of business for this meeting. He had some anticipation about what was about to occur and I think he didn’t want to be embarrassed in the McDonald’s.

I followed him to his place of business. I was not threatening in any way and don’t fear others, typically. So, the venue didn’t matter much. I’m a leader and can get what I want by peaceful negotiations in almost any situation.

I was wearing a Ranger sweatshirt commonly issued to Ranger instructors. It’s black and has a very large Ranger tab across the front.

Not much was said initially when we arrived at his business. We met in the studio next to the store. A table was already out and he placed two chairs on either side of it. I sat down and he started talking. I listened intently.

He began a very long diatribe about his childhood, his personal life, his professional life, etc. He shared with me some documents that documented some of the military training he’d completed.

None of them were a Ranger certificate or an SF Q-course graduation certificate. His speech lasted almost 10 minutes uninterrupted. The latter half of it was a very long, tearful, sobbing apology for pretending to be a Special Forces soldier/veteran. It ended with something like, “Well, what do you want me to do? What do you want from me? How can I make this right?”

I was embarrassed for him. My response was very direct. I recommended that he stop lying to people about being in the Special Forces. I recommended that he publicly apologize and try to right things with the Special Forces community. I also told him, “I didn’t come here to find out if you were ever in the Special Forces.

I’m a Ranger. I want to see a Ranger School Graduation Certificate or a DD-214 stating that you completed Ranger School.”

His response was, “Well, I don’t have it. It’s not here. It’s at home.”

I stood up and said, “Well, let’s go” and moved towards the door with the intent of getting in my car and following him to his house to see this documentation.

He immediately broke down again with another tearful, sobbing diatribe about not being a Ranger, either. He was pathetic and I thought helping him with his problems would be the best way to handle this. I started counseling him at that point. He wasn’t the first imposter and he certainly won’t be the last. He was a human being.

There was nothing I could do to him or his business legally. Assaulting him right then and there wasn’t going to be productive and I didn’t want to have bloodied knuckles over Christmas. His behavior was despicable, but it wasn’t illegal and it was Christmas, after all. I fought for his right to lie, even, when I swore to defend the 1st Amendment and the rest of our Constitution.

He said he’d come clean. He said he’d tell his business associates and the public the truth. He then started flattering me and trying to build some friendly relationship when he realized that I wasn’t going to deliver the violent beat down he probably thought he deserved.

He gave me a tour of his store. He had a bunch of framed photos hanging of some operators in various training scenarios. I asked him if he knew them. He didn’t. It was conspicuous to me that none of their faces were visible. They looked like some images I’d seen on the Internet.

I think he hung them there as an insinuation to his patrons that they might be pictures of him. I imagined how many times he’d pointed at the pictures and told people they were images of him at work in his military career.

It was becoming very apparent to me that I shouldn’t believe a single word that came from this guy’s mouth. I even wondered if his name was James Ingram and if we were on somebody else’s property.

I didn’t speak much the whole time I was there. Ingram did most of the talking. How was I supposed to have a conversation with a guy that seems to make up everything he says?

On the way out, I bought a battle-axe he had displayed in his case. It was a gesture of good will. Plus, good, sharp battle-axes are always good to have around in case one runs out of ammunition or needs to be quiet while conducting an assault. This particular battle-axe was one of the best I’d ever seen. Merry Christmas, self.

When I got home I updated the other Rangers on the Facebook page. Some of them were also updating their friends on the SF page. I told them about our confrontation and that we need to give Ingram a chance to rectify this situation on his own.

Some of them wanted immediate justice of some kind and had no answer to the questions, “What law is he breaking? What do you think the police are going to do about it?”

We waited. We checked his web page and the picture and the claims disappeared. It was looking like he might have learned a lesson.

(Name Redacted) got my contact information from Facebook or somewhere via a mutual contact or something. He called me and we met a few days later in Ellijay. He said he wanted to take the Ingram to court. He had a legitimate claim and I recommended that he take him to court, but I wondered openly what he thought he might gain from such an effort. (Redacted) asked me to testify if and when he got a court date. I said I would, if I could.

As the Junior Vice Commander of my VFW Post 12002, I get frequent updates on legislation affecting veterans. The Stolen Valor Act had been shot down by the Supreme Court on the grounds that it violated the 1st Amendment. I concur.

Another version had been introduced and was signed into law. It specifically listed claims that were in violation of that law. Claiming to be a Ranger or a Special Forces troop was NOT enumerated on that list. It’s very coincidental that the day after President Barrack Hussein Obama signed that into law is the day that I got a call from Jamie Ritchie stating that James Ingram was back to his old ways and that Jamie had left the business. Barrack Hussein Obama gave James Ingram the green light, it seemed, and he’d relapsed. Let’s bring the heat.

I notified the Rangers who notified the SF community. I happened to be at Fort Benning when Jamie Ritchie called. So, I drove over the Ranger Training Brigade HQ and met with the S-1 in charge of validating graduates’ claims and invalidating those of imposters. They have a vault there containing files with the names of every soldier that has ever attended Ranger School and every Ranger that has ever graduated. James Ingram was not one of them, but we knew that already.

I shared the points of contact (POC’s) for the Ranger in charge of looking up all those claims with Jamie Ritchie. Jamie notified the local media.

Coincidentally, James Ingram called the next night pleading pathetically with me, again. I told him that I don’t care so much about him that I’m concerned about what is going on with Brave Tactical, his business, which is founded on false premises. I told him I didn’t believe a word he said. I told him he needed to be true to James Ingram before anybody is ever going to start to believe anything he said. The call lasted over 40 minutes.

During that call he’d admitted to having a Ranger tab tattooed on his arm. He said he’d get it covered up and come clean about everything, again. I don’t believe anything he says. He also told me about getting marriage counseling and seeing a psychologist for his condition(s). One of the conditions he’d admitted to was being a compulsive liar. He told me it stemmed from being a neglected orphan living on the street as a kid or something. The tales never stop coming out of his mouth.

It is of my opinion that James Ingram is a compulsive liar and can’t even help himself. I hold so little regard for the profession of psychology that I will argue that I am as qualified to make that claim as anybody is. James Ingram is a compulsive liar and I’m proud to say that I have no certificate hanging on my wall that says I wasted several years and tens of thousands of dollars to be able to say that. He’s a compulsive liar. Does anybody need a degree to realize that?

As you can see, soon after Ingram pleaded with the Ranger to not “out” him, he went back to his old ways. So Ingram wants to claim accolades he never earned, and falsely promote his business with the false claims, we will make it known that he is falsely promoting himself and his business.

This is something Mr. Ingram posted on his business Facebook page before he deleted it and continued on with his lies.

“I have to stop the charade and let you folks know the truth. I am not really an Ranger or a Special Forces solider. With regret I did not tell the truth about my military back ground.I wanted to be more then I was. I was not in special operations. I was an 11 bravo papa Airborne Infantryman. A few steps down from the elite. I’m sorry very sorry. These man have sacrificed all and deserve the up most respect from all. I’m glad to finally get this off my chest. I would like to thank Mr. ***** Mr. ***** and Mr.**** for counselling me on this issue. Sorry to the 10th group and to all rangers. When your the best we all want to be like you guys. I’m very sorry I apologize.”

Several 10th group and Rangers emailed us about this guy as well, we have copies of the messages back and forth where they asked him to verify his status, to which of course he never complied.

We have yet to verify his status as an 11 Bravo, but as soon as we know we will post it here.

NOTE: Ingram is Co-Owner of this company, the other Owner is a verified Marine, the SOF guys have seen his 214.

UPDATE:20130722 As of today, when you visit the website for Brave Tactical, you get the following message:





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  2. Why the stab at people who work in the psychological field? I see no reason, especially from someone who has no background in that field, to criticize the people who have worked extensively to study and document the various issues that it applies. It's hard for me to find his particular actions as justifiable when it's fairly obvious he displays no greater understanding or appreciation of others' work than James Ingram did for his own.

    1. Shut the fuck up, you're missing the point entirely.