13 December 2013

Army 2LT Washed Out of BUD/S but Wore Trident Anyway | RallyPoint.com

We're taking it back to 2010 to one of those bizarre stories that you just couldn't make up if you tried.

An Army 2LT in the FL ARNG was illegally wearing a SEAL Trident on his uniform.  Details below.

'Seemed like a good idea at the time?'

-- The RallyPoint.com team

2LT Douglas Sofranko Navy SEAL Trident


By Mark D. Faram
Army Times
Aug 9, 2010

Second Lt. Douglas Sofranko has spent the last year impressing his fellow soldiers in the Florida Army National Guard with stories of his days as a Navy SEAL, while proudly wearing the distinctive Trident insignia on his Army uniform.

He even had the SEAL Creed hung on the wall of his office.

Full story on Army Times (Note: link may require Army Times membership)


  1. Every time I talk about working with the SEALs in a support position in a Special Boat Unit, I always clarify I was never a SEAL because to me it is a high honor to wear the Trident and few who try make it through.

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