30 November 2013

(Warning: Graphic) Apache Destroys Platoon-Size Taliban Element | RallyPoint.com

Please read the following note before watching the video clip below.

The purpose for posting this video is for those who have never deployed to better understand what it means when a veteran/service member has difficulty dealing with the things he/she has seen and done while deployed.  Going down range is not a video game -- real people get hurt and killed.  And, coping with PTSD challenges is not a joke -- people's lives are affected forever by these situations.

Warning: The contents of this video are graphic and involve the elimination of what we presume to be enemy combatants, without further insights into the tactical situation being portrayed here.  

We would caution you to not make judgments as to the conduct of these pilots, because you don't know the full extent of the mission set.

-- The RallyPoint.com team


  1. Love the video, can't stand the near-apologetic commentary. In war, dehumanizing the enemy is no vice. And acting like Taliban fighters deserve better than death is no virtue. Man the hell up.

  2. Hey dumb ass there is no oil in Afghanistan.

  3. So gamers are terrorists? Where have we heard that before? Oh, from people like Jack Thompson and Fox News. Were they taken seriously? No. Jack Thompson got death threats and nobody rushed to his aid. So what if some people in Gamergate sent those threats to Saint Anita? Does anybody remember how Erin Pizzey had to flee the country because of essay have proofs of threats? It wasn't from cis-gendered white male gamers, but from feminists. I guess that makes the feminists terrorists.