23 November 2013

(VIDEO) Flashback: President Bush Intense Interview with Matt Lauer | RallyPoint.com

Five years after 9/11, then-President Bush gave this interview with Matt Lauer, who can be a divisive interviewer (ref. crazy Tom Cruise interview where Cruise almost killed him).

In this interview, you can feel President Bush getting more and more frustrated with Lauer. Fortunate for Lauer, cooler heads prevailed and he didn't get a lesson in what it means to mess with Texas.

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-- The RallyPoint.com team

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  1. Amen Mr. Cosby . I feel like he is being bashed because of his skin color, like the KKK runs congress now. They are trying to make sure that no black man ever gets elected again by saying they are uneducated and ineffective, The exact same thing that is going to happen if a Woman gets elected in either party as President. ( The President should always be a older rich white man . ) They know whats best for you.