24 November 2013

(VIDEO) 6,000 lb JDAM airstrike in Afghanistan | RallyPoint.com

There's a key takeaway from this video, and we here at RallyPoint.com would like to explain its simple principles to you.

If you are fighting against US forces, this sequence of actions will generally work out very badly for you:

1. Engage US forces with small arms fire, especially since most insurgents are awful marksmen
2. After drawing the attention of US forces, get scared and then go hide in a building in the middle of nowhere, in plain sight.
3. Sit and wait in the small building, and hope that US forces just go away

Note: This is especially bad logic if there are no huge villages, etc. near you.

Still don't believe us?  Then watch the video for yourself below.  Enjoy!

-- The RallyPoint.com team


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  2. I thought they were bombed by the US Air Force.At least I read it at thetermpapers.net. The very same Air Force that is supposed to be on our sides. The same organization responsible for multiple friendly fire incidents, like the Tarnak Farm incident.