19 November 2013

The 11 Most Popular Discussions in the Military Right Now | RallyPoint.com

The popularity of our recently launched "Answers" feature continues to grow far beyond our expectations, so I am here to share with all of you the Recent and Popular Discussions happening right now inside RallyPoint!  What's considered Popular changes in real time, according to engagement and other relevant behavior we measure.

RallyPoint's Answers feature can be found at this link.

TIP: Click any of the discussion links below to check out the ongoing discussion for yourself!  Or, login to RallyPoint for yourself (or make an account for yourself first) and click where the image below shows you.

Popular Discussions:

What's the most important thing the military should do while going through this downsizing period?

Should an O-1 salute an O-2?

Do you think NCO's and/or Officers be able to carry a sidearm (POW) while on/off duty on a Military Installation?

Do you think officers should be selected from senior enlisted ranks?

Why do NCOs and Enlisted personnel give new junior officers such a hard time?

Recent Discussions:

Why are officers so judgmental toward enlisted personnel?

Should the military continue to discriminate against overweight service members?

What's your favorite military quote?

Atheists in foxholes?

RallyPoint should be a link on AKO/DKO!

When transferring from Active Service to Civilian, what was the hardest part of that transition and why?

Alright, there you have it -- now go get engaged.  Check out Answers for yourself now!

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