24 November 2013

Erwin Rommel's Best Military Quotes | RallyPoint.com

Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel (15 November 1891 – 14 October 1944) was a German Field Marshal and commander of the Deutsches Afrika Korps in World War II. He is also widely known by his nickname The Desert Fox (Der W├╝stenfuchs).

Now, don't be confused by the fact that we at RallyPoint.com absolutely do not agree with his presumed ideological beliefs as a person.  However, Rommel is regarded by many military historians as one of the greatest tacticians to ever live.

So, we wanted to share with you some of his most famous lessons.  Enjoy!

-- The RallyPoint.com team


"Courage which goes against military expediency is stupidity, or, if it is insisted upon by a commander, irresponsibility."

"In a man to man fight, the winner is he who has one more round in his magazine."

"Be an example to your men in your duty and in private life. Never spare yourself, and let the troops see that you don't in your endurance of fatigue and privation. Always be tactful and well-mannered, and teach your subordinates to be the same. Avoid excessive sharpness or harshness of voice, which usually indicates the man who has shortcomings of his own to hide."

"One must not judge everyone in the world by his qualities as a soldier: otherwise we should have no civilization."

"Gentlemen, you have fought like lions and been led by donkeys."



  1. Why not? Everyone has something that is a teaching point. Some of my best commanders were not harsh in the way they did things but were the ones that troops would follow to the ends of the Earth.

  2. Political issues aside the man was brilliant. Perhaps his weakness was trusting men to be honest. Just like so many people do today.

    1. Rommel was well known for not being a Nazi, and for following the elected leader of his country despite his distaste for that leader's policy.

      That in itself is a noble thing that all soldiers and military leaders should aspire to. It forms the bedrock of trust for the military profession in the United States: that we will always follow our civilian leaders directions despite our political disagreements.

      Rommel was a good man, caught in the wrong time for Germany.