07 October 2013

What Issues Are Trending In The Military? Top 10 Discussions Happening Now on RallyPoint

Since launching our powerful new Question-Response feature just 1 week ago, we've had dozens of new collaborative discussions arise and grow in popularity across the DoD. These discussions quickly become healthy "joint" discussions, where at times members from all 5 military branches (including the Coast Guard), and a very diverse range of pay grades, contribute to the collaborative effort.


Here are the top collaborative discussions happening right now on RallyPoint. Click on any of them to share your own thoughts!

What's the most important thing the military should do while going through this downsizing period?

Are you experienced? Where were you during 11 Sept 2001?

Why do NCOs and Enlisted personnel give new junior officers such a hard time?

Do you think officers should be selected from senior enlisted ranks?

Where do I go from here? 

Search for a Good Job or Start your own Company?

Which companies or features would you most like to see added to the ‘Civilian Employment’ page and why?

For the people that have transition from the military to civilian, what would you do differently if you had the chance?

Football Players Are Tougher Than Military Servicemembers

What is your favorite RallyPoint feature?

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