19 September 2013

Review of RallyPoint: How does RallyPoint work?

We've received this question countless times since first launching the beta version of our gated-access military network months ago.  Instead of answering the question ourselves, though, we asked one of our RallyPoint members -- an Army MSG (Master Sergeant, or E-8) -- to answer it for us.  Here's his explanation:

Unlike any other network that exists, RallyPoint functions according to the organizational structure of the Department of Defense.  Since we all exist somewhere in the DoD (at least those of us still serving), that means we can all be connected somehow...not in a "flat" world with mundane, unprofessional groups like you may find on something like Facebook or LinkedIn, but actually according to your precise proximity to one another within the organizational structure.  It's a pretty groundbreaking thing to play with.  You can actually play with the the entire thing here (it's sterilized in this format) --> www.rallypoint.com/universe

Think about it this way:  you're in your current unit right now.  You make a ton of professional contacts on deployment, in training, and in garrison.  You would do anything for one another.  You're brothers and sisters in arms, etc.  But...then you move.  You go one place, and everyone else scatters to the far corners of the DoD.
Then in your next unit, you make tons of professional contacts, just as your friends do, and the whole process repeats.

So, where does RallyPoint fit in?  RallyPoint gives you the power to leverage all of these relationships.

Now's the time to get connected on here.  It's catching on quickly inside the DoD.  For example, more than 7% of the entire Army is already on here.  Come check it out!

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