16 August 2013

See the most detailed DoD org structure in the world

Greetings from RallyPoint.com HQ!

First things first!
Thanks to all of you who send us so much feedback every day.  RallyPoint.com, the military's professional network, is growing more and more quickly as days go by.  But hey, we always love a few extra invitations when they happen, so if you're a member and you'd like to share RallyPoint.com with your military veteran counterparts, just click here --> Invite Your Friends

It's a small [DoD] world!
Our members' favorite feature on the site is the RallyPoint team's favorite feature as well: "RallyPoint Universe."  Many of you asked for a quick demo to show your friends and share on your Facebook walls. 

So, without further adieu, please enjoy this short demo that I put together last week...

If you have any questions (or ideas!) about this, please reach out to me personally at support@rallypoint.com

Finally, I leave you with this quoted feedback from an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel:

"RallyPoint's technology is changing the way I think about my military career, who I know, and who I could know if I just used this system.  It's happening, and I see their vision now."

Keep up the good fight!

Your Friends at RallyPoint

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