06 June 2013

Where is Yongsan Garrison? - Seoul, South Korea

KATUSA-U.S. Soldier Friendship Week Opening Ceremony at USAG Yongsan

Where is Yongsan Garrison? - About Seoul, South Korea

Yongsan Garrison is located in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, which is in northern South Korea, only 40 miles some the 
Demilitarized Zone which divides North and South Korea. Yongsan Garrison is 620 acres within the Yongsan-gu district of Seoul and offers the life-style of a small city encompassed within a large metropolis. Seoul itself has a population of over 10 million, 632,000 of which are international residents; its metropolitan area has a population of over 25 million. Today, Seoul is considered a leading and rapidly rising global city, resulting from an economic boom and growth that transformed it from the collapse of the Korean War to the world's fourth largest metropolitan economy with a GDP of $773.9 billion in 2012 -- after Tokyo, New York City and Los Angeles. Seoul has a humid continental/subtropical transitional climate with summer temperatures of 72-85 and winter temperatures averaging between 21-34.

Major Units at 
Yongsan Garrison

Major Units at Yongsan Garrison include:

  • USFK - US Forces Korea, US Pacific Command
  • Eighth Army - Eighth Army, US Army Pacific
  • SUSLAK - Special US Liaison Activity Korea, US Forces Korea
  • JCISA - Joint Command Information Systems Activity, US Forces Korea
  • SOCKOR - Special Operations Command - Korea, US Special Operations Command

See Who You Know at 
Yongsan Garrison

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History of 
Yongsan Garrison

Named after the part of Seoul, South Korea in which it is located, Yongsan Garrison is the home to the headquarters for the U.S. military presence in South Korea. The site of Yongsan Garrison was an Imperial Japanese Army headquarters from 1910 until 1945. At the time of its original construction, the Yongsan Garrison was on the outskirts of the city, but since then Seoul has grown around it. To this day, some of the original Japanese buildings are still standing and are used, most notably the Eighth Army headquarters building. The Yongsan Garrison s composed of two main parts, Main/North Post and South Post. The two are divided by a four-lane street that connects two Seoul districts together.The Yongsan Readiness Center (YRC), on North Post, serves as the main in-processing and orientation center for U.S. servicemembers and their families arriving in Korea. South Korea had traditionally regarded this garrison as insurance against the U.S. Army abandoning Seoul, located only about 40 miles from the DMZ, and has thus slowed the plan to move the garrison 55 miles south to Camp Humphreys.

U.S. president George W. Bush address at the Yongsan garrison on August 5, 2008 in Sungnam, South Korea.

Schools in Seoul

The USAG-Yongsan school district is made up of Seoul American Elementary School, Seoul American Middle School and Seoul American High School. All three schools are located on USAG-Yongsan's South Post. The schools provide cost-free education to command-sponsored military and DOD civilian Family Members. Non-Command Sponsored students as well as non-DOD students may attend on a tuition-paying, space available basis. There are also private schools in the area which student can attend; they are expensive however, costing between $6,000 and $10,000 per student per year. If one is going to attend higher education, most students head back to the states to receive their degree. There is college placement testing center on the base. 
Universities available for degree programs include: Central Texas College, Troy State University, University of Maryland, University of Oklahoma, and the University of Phoenix.

Seoul, South Korea

Attractions - What to do in Seoul

Garrison facilities include family housing areas, welfare and recreation facilities, restaurants, indoor and outdoor sports complexes, a library, a bowling alley, a skateboard park, a miniature golf complex, a hospital, a dental clinic, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, an automotive care center, and a self-service gas station. If one ventures out of the military community there is much to do in the city as well. There are many palaces, parks, mountains, temples, amusement parks, and preforming art studios to visit. 


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