22 May 2013

Where is Wright-Patterson Air Force Base? - Dayton, Ohio

Aerial view of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base from 3,520 feet

Where is Wright-Patterson Air Force Base? - About Dayton, Ohio

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is located just five miles north of Dayton Ohio
. As only near 7,000 people out of the near 30,000 employees live on base, may others are scattered in the surrounding are including in the cities of Riverside, Huber Heights, and Dayton. The largest of these, Dayton is the sixth largest city in Ohio and has a population of near 150,000 while the Dayton metropolitan area has near 850,000 residents. Besides defense and aerospace, healthcare accounts for much of the Dayton area economy. The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base experiences hot, humid summers in contrast with its cold and dry winters. In 2008, 2009, and 2010, Site Selection magazine ranked Dayton the top mid sized metropolitan area in the nation for economic development. Also in 2010, Dayton was named one of the best places in the United States for college graduates to find a job.

Major Units at 
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is one of the largest most diverse, and organizationally complex bases in the Air Force. Major units homed here include:

  • AFMC - Air Force Materiel Command, Air Force
  • AFLCMC - Air Force Life Cycle Management Center
  • LCMSD - Life Cycle Management & Services Directorate
  • AFRL - Air Force Research Laboratory
  • AFSAC - Air Force Security Assistance and Cooperation Directorate

See Who You Know at 
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

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History of Wright-Patterson Air Force Bases

The history of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base dates back to the Wright brothers who used the Huffman Prairie portion of what became the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base as their testing ground. The base is also named to honor Lt. Frank Stuart Patterson who was killed in 1918 after a flying accident caused the wings to separate on from his Airco DH.4. During World War One, military installations that would become Wright-Patterson Air Force Base were established in the Dayton area with the missions of research and development, mission-logistics, and military education. At the outbreak of World War Two, both fields expanded dramatically as employment went from near 4,000 to 50,000. In 1946-47 large runways were built to support very heavy bombers while the base continued to grow in size. As of 2010, there were over 27,000 military, civilian, and contract employees that worked for the base.

Wright Field, Dayton Ohio around World War II

Schools in Dayton, OH

The City of Dayton itself has 34 public schools to service near 17,000 students as well as 35 private schools, and 33 charter schools. For public school, the nearby towns of Oakwood, Kettering, and Centerville, just to name a few, score significantly higher ratings. Ohio's largest private university, the University of Dayton, and the public Wright State University are also located within the city. Dayton is also home to Sinclair Community College the largest community college at a single location in Ohio and one of the largest community colleges in the nation. Sinclair is acclaimed as one of the country's best community colleges. In 2009 Forbes ranked the entire Dayton area the 10th best metropolitan area in the United States for higher education.

Dayton, Ohio

Attractions - What to do in Dayton, OH

Tourism in the area is lead by The National Museum of the United States Air Force which is at 
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. It is the largest and oldest military aviation museum in the entire world is the single most visited tourist attraction in all of Ohio. Other museums include The Dayton Art Institute and the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historic Park. Along with several minor league sports teams, there is also the Vectren Dayton Air Show and Fraze Pavilion which hosts many renowned musicians for concerts.


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