24 May 2013

Where is Fort Gordon? - Article by Luke S Burroughs, SFC

--  Article by Luke S Burroughs, SFC, USA

This could be an article filled with the rich history of Fort Gordon, beginning with how it was named for Confederate Lieutenant General John Brown Gordon and going on to list all the historic purposes for Fort Gordon. If you are a military service member on your way to Fort Gordon, all of that is probably the furthest thing from your mind and we will skip to what is- where it is, what’s there, and what you might want to know before you arrive. Like any good information product, here is your Bottom Line Up Front:
  1. Fort Gordon is located in northern Georgia, in the greater Augusta Region
  2. Every branch of service has elements represented on Fort Gordon
  3. Fort Gordon is a full service installation to include complete hospital, dental, and MWR facilities among the best in the United States Army
  4. Both garrisoned units and deployable forces are tenants of Fort Gordon
Like any unit in the military, Fort Gordon is the assignment that you decide it will be, before you arrive. The following information should help you decide to make it the best assignment of your career thus far.


All information contained in this document is available on publicly accessible internet sites.  Nothing in this document represents, or should be construed as, official United States Army position or policy. Further, nothing in this document should be construed as official RallyPoint.com position or statement. All information provided here is intended to benefit incoming personnel to the Fort Gordon area and may be shared.


Fort Gordon is located directly south of I-20 and southwest of Augusta, Georgia. The towns of Grovetown, Evans, Martinez, and Augusta itself are within a 20 minute radius of the fort and offer wide options for housing outside the installation. The surrounding region is often referred to as the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) on television and radio broadcasts, and within the CSRA is the greater Augusta region. Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) is a mid-sized airport and services the region.

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Augusta is moderately urban with a limited selection of shopping, tourism, and social establishments. For more traditionally urban interests, distances and directions from Fort Gordon are as follows:
Atlanta, GA: Two hours and fifteen minutes, west, primarily along I-20 W
Savannah, GA: Two and a half hours, southeast, primarily along US-25 and GA-21
Columbia, SC: One and a half hours, northeast, primarily along I-20 E


To those not acclimated to the South, the weather in Georgia can be surprising. In order to prepare you for those changes, here is a chart of interest:


Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center (frequently called “Dee-Dee-Mac” by troops assigned to Fort Gordon) provides full-spectrum medical care to active, guard, reserve, and veterans in the greater Augusta area. Additionally, Fort Gordon hosts one dental clinic and multiple Troop Medical Centers for daily needs and primary care visits. Darling Hall provides new troops with in-processing functions at a single location, and concise directions to other locations important to new arrivals. The Military Welfare and Recreation center is able to provide tickets to sporting events at discounted rates, in addition to outdoor recreation equipment and unique opportunities in the CSRA. 

This is a display of 2 sections of the Berlin Wall, as well as a sign from the wall, that is in Freedom Park, on Fort Gordon.


I was introduced to Rallypoint.com by a fellow Senior Non-Commissioned Officer during my service at Fort Gordon. I joined at his recommendation and was pleasantly surprised to see how many of my peers were already involved. While I found my way around Fort Gordon without the benefit of its networking opportunities, it has definitively enhanced my experience at Fort Gordon through membership. I would recommend Rallypoint.com as a great way to connect with personnel you may know presently serving at Fort Gordon, or as an opportunity to network with others in your unit and career field prior to arrival or during your stay at Fort Gordon.


  •  - US Army Signal Center of Excellence
  • 7th SIG Cmd -7th Signal Command, US Army Network Enterprise Technology Command 
  •  - 15th Regimental Signal Brigade
  •  - 359th Theater Tactical Signal Brigade
  •  - 
    513th Military Intelligence Brigade


Augusta, Georgia is home to the Masters Golf Tournament.  For approximately 1 week in April, the region is overrun with golf fans.  What this means to the service member trying to live their daily life is this:  traffic patterns will change dramatically, stores will sell out of several common items, and plans to attend social functions or eat at restaurants may require more forethought or planning than at other times of year.  Many units on Fort Gordon attempt to alleviate this stress by authorizing troops to take leave during that period.

--  Article by Luke S Burroughs, SFC, USA

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