17 May 2013

Where is Fort Bliss? - El Paso, Texas

Fort Bliss, El Paso-An Abrams tank crew on Fort Bliss' Dona Ana Range

Where is Fort Bliss? - About El Paso, Texas

Fort Bliss is located in the states of Texas and New Mexico with its headquarters in El Paso, Texas. The city of El Paso is on the Mexican American border and is adjacent to the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez. El Paso is the 19th most populous city in the United States with a population of 649,121 as of the 2010 census. Visible from the city is the North Franklin Mountain with a peak of 7,192 feet above sea level and natural red-clay formations called the Thunderbird. El Paso has a hot desert climate with little to no humidity, very hot summers, mild dry winters, and less than 10 inches of rain per year. Sun shines on average 302 days per year.   Fort Bliss is the city's top employer and companies such as Western Refining, Petro Stopping Centers, El Paso Electirc, and Bio-Life Labs Inc all have their headquarters here.

Major Units at Fort Bliss

The major units at Fort Bliss include:

  • F Co - F Company, 5th Battalion, 52nd Air Defense Artillery Regiment
  • 32nd AAMDC - 32nd Army Air and Missile Defense Command
  • 1st AD - 1st Armored Division, III Corps
  • Air Defense Artillery - Air Defense Artillery Center and School
  • ARCIC - US Army Capabilities Integration Center

See Who You Know at Fort Bliss

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History of Fort Bliss

Fort Bliss was named after the Mexican-American War soldier William Wallace Smith Bliss and with and area of 1,700 square miles and the largest track of unrestricted airspace in the US, it is the Army's second largest installation. On November 7, 1846 the War Department ordered the establishment of a military post opposite of the now city of Ciudad Juarez to serve as a base in the region and protect the area from Apache attacks. During the civil war, the fort was surrendered over to Confederacy which used it to launch attacks into New Mexico and Arizona until they were forced to retreat after the Battle of Glorieta Pass. The present site of the fort was first laid out and occupied in 1893. During the Second World War, Fort Bliss trained anti-aircraft artillery battalions while presently it serves as one of the major deployment centers for troops headed to the Middle East. Since 2001, Fort Bliss has also been used to train Afghan security forces in hopes that they can eventually take control of their own national security. Some of Fort Bliss' other missions include providing anti-aircraft and missile defense capabilities, conduct live fire of most Army weapons, and house all the equipment needed to set up Patriot missile sites. As of the 2010 census, Fort Bliss is home to a population of 8,591.

Fort Bliss, El Paso-An aeral photo of the camp

Schools in El Paso, TX

El Paso is serviced by four different school districts including the Canutillo Independent School District, the El Paso 
Independent School District, then Socorro Independent School District, and the Ysleta Independent School District. Together they have a student-teacher ratio of close to 15:1 with over half of the students on free/reduced price meals. Colleges in the area include the University of Texas at El Paso, several branches of Texas Tech University, Park University and Webster University.

El Paso, Texas-El Paso with mountains in the background.

Attractions - What to do in El Paso, TX

With the size of El Paso, there is much to do. Museums include the Centennial Museum and Chihuahuan Desert Gardens, the El Paso Museum of Archaeology, and the El Paso Museum of History to name a few. There are many theaters including the Abraham Chavez Theatre and the El Paso Playhouse. Other sites with the city limits such as Chamizal National Memorial, the El Paso Zoo, and the Magoffin Home State Historic Site.


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