16 May 2013

Where is Fort Benning? - Columbus, Georgia

Fort Benning, Georgia-Soldiers survey a training station. (Photo Credit: John D. Helms)

Where is Fort Benning? - About Columbus, GA

Fort Benning is located to the east of downtown Columbus, Georgia with part of of the Fort within the city limits. Columbus Georgia was a population of near 200,000 according to the US Census Bureau from 2011. In 2009, Columbus was ranked number 4 on the 100 Best US Cities to live by Best Life Magazine and has many museums and other tourist locations. Columbus is headquarters to Aflac Inc, Total System Services, and Carmike Cinemas, while Fort Benning is the largets employer in the region. The climate here is categorized as humid subtropical with daytime temperatures reaching the mid 90s and winter lows barely reaching freezing. There are various hills to the north and low lying plains to the south.

Major Units at Fort Benning

No longer just a camp to provide basic training, Camp Benning now includes units such as:

  •  MCoE - US Army Maneuver Center of Excellence
  • 75th Ranger RGT - 75th Ranger Regiment, US Army Special Operations Command
  • Infantry - Infantry Center and School
  • Armor - Armor Center and School
  • OCS - Officer Candidate School, Direct Reporting Units

See Who You Know at Fort 

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History of Fort 

Originally established as Camp Benning in 1918 and named after General Henry L Bennning, a native of Columbus, Fort Benning has been the Home of the Infantry ever since. Camp Benning has its beginnings in providing basic training for World War One units before gaining permanent military post status is February 1920 and $1 million of funding to start what became the Infantry School. BY World War Two, Fort Bennning consisted of 197,159 acres for close to 100,000 officers and enlisted men. Fort Benning was also the site of huge step for black Americans as it was home to the 555th Parachute Infantry Division, an all black airborne unit. By the Vietnam War, Fort Benning housed the Scout Dog School in which dogs were trained to detect enemy ambushes. Presently Fort Benning supports over 120,000 active troops, family members, reserve soldiers, civilians, and veterans and is a power projection platform, ready to deploy troops by rail, air, or highway.

Fort Benning, Georgia-Fort Benning once had its own railroad to go along with its historical railroad depot.

Schools near Fort Benning

Columbus is part of Muscogee County School District which services children pre-school through high school. In the district, there are 35 elementary schools, 12 middle schools, and 9 high schools with over 2,000 full-time teachers and near 33,000 students. Some schools that receive high marks are the Britt David Elementary Computer Magnet Academy, Columbus High School, Blackmon Road High School, and Clubview Elementary School. Local colleges include Columbus State University, Troy University, and Virginia College in Birmingham to name a few.

Columbus Georgia-A Picture of historic Downtown Columbus

Attractions - What to do in Columbus GA

Columbus has activities of all sorts ranging from the arts and cultural events to outdoor adventures and sporting events. Museums like the Columbus Museum, the National Civil War Naval Museum, and the Coca-Cola Space Science Center attract many visitors while suburban shopping centers and the major indoor shopping mall, Peachtree Mall, always draw crowds. In contrast with the football stadiums, baseball parks, and seven golf courses, Columbus also has eight historical districts to walk through. Finally, Columbus is home to near 50 parks, four recreational centers, four seniro centers and parks, an one state park, offering swimming boating, camping hiking, and hunting.


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