23 May 2013

Where is Camp Pendleton? - Oceanside, California

The gate into Camp Pendleton

Where is Camp Pendleton? - About Oceanside, California and Region

Located in Southern California, 
Camp Pendleton is to the north of the city of Oceanside, south of Riverside counties, and west of the city of Fallbrook. The largest of these cities, Oceanside has a population nearing 200,000 and, along with the cities of Carlsbad and Vista, forms a tri-city area in the region. The region has a semi-arid climate with temperatures for the entire year averaging between the mid 50s and mid 70s. Precipitation is rarely over 2.5 inches a month with around one inch or less in the summer months. With average home prices in Oceanside nearing $400,000, Camp Pendleton offers much on base housing as "the principle objective of the Family Housing Program [at Camp Pendleton] is to ensure that all military personnel and their family members have adequate quarters."

Major Units at 
Camp Pendleton

As the main US Marine Corps base on the West Coast, Camp Pendleton is home to units including:

  • I MEF - 1st Marine Expeditionary Force
  • 1st MARDIV - 1st Marine Division
  • 1st MLG - 1st Marine Logistics Group
  • I MHG - 1st Marine Expeditionary Force Headquarters Group
  • 1st MEB - 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade

See Who You Know at 
Camp Pendleton

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History of 
Camp Pendleton

The area that is now Camp Pendleton was origanlly called Rancho Santa Margarita y Los Flores, a ranch set up after the Mexican War of Independence from Spain. As the ranch began to lose money and was looking to sell, the Army and the Marine Corps were both looking for a large area for training on the West Coast. Construction began is April 1942 as a temporary facility with wood buildings. In September of that year, president Franklin Roosevelt officially dedicated the facility as it named after Major General Joseph Henry Pendleton. During World War Two, Camp Pendleton was home to many Marine Corps schools including a medical field service school, amphibious training school, and a school for communications. As the wars in Korea and Vietnam began, Camp Pendleton's facilities were expanded again as over 200,000 Marines passed through on their way to Asia. Now the base, with 125,000 acres of land and 17 miles of coastline is one of the last major tracts of undeveloped land on the California coast and is used for year long training of Marines and all other branches.

2004-President George Bush speaks to military personnel and their families at Camp Pendleton

Schools around Camp Pendleton, CA

Depending on where around 
Camp Pendleton one lives, there are different schools and schools districts that are possible (see a full list here). Schools in surrounding Oceanside, Carlsbad, and Vista all rank decently with Carlsbad receiving very high marks. Colleges right near Camp Pendleton include MiraCosta college which is right in Oceanside and Palomar College which is to the east in Fallbrook. San Diego is just an hour or so to the south so there are also the colleges of San Diego State University, University of California - San Diego, and University of San Diego.

Oceanside California, to the south of Camp Pendleton

Attractions - What to do near Camp Pendleton, CA

Many people believe that living in the 
Camp Pendleton is like being on vacation as tourists travel to this region every year. To the south of Camp Pendleton there are activities in and around San Diego such as Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, Lego Land, Padres games, and the USS Midway. To the east there is the Bates Nut Farm, wineries such as the Temecula Winery, and Big Bear ski resort and lake (which has discounted cabins for the military). Los Angeles and and Hollywood are only about an hour to the north so there is all of the attractions there including Dodgers and Lakers games as well.


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