25 May 2013

Where is Camp Lejeune? - Jacksonville, North Carolina

Camp Lejeune's urban combat training area of approximately 75 buildings and training structures.

Where is Camp Lejeune? - About Jacksonville, North Carolina 

Camp Lejeune is a 246 square mile base located in the city of Jacksonville North Carolina on the Atlantic coastline. Jacksonville is the 14th largest city in North Carolina with a population of over 70,000 and is right next to North Carolina's Southern Outer Banks area. 
Jacksonville is the youngest city in American with an average age of 28.8 reportedly due to the city's high military presence. The city's primary business is in retail and service. Temperatures in the summer average a high of 91 degrees with the average low in the winter hovering slightly above freezing. Jacksonville and the surrounding area attract tourists each summer trying to take advantage of the beautiful Outer Banks. 

Major Units at 
Camp Lejeune

Camp Lejeune is a large Marine Corps training facility in the east with major units such as:

  • II MEF - 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force
  • MARSOC - Marine Special Operations Command
  • 2nd MARDIV - 2nd Marine Division
  • 2nd MLG - 2nd Marine Logistics Group
  • II MHG - 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force Command Group

See Who You Know at 
Camp Lejeune

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History of 
Camp Lejeune

As World War Two raged in Europe, there was a need for an East Coast amphibious training facility so the Department of the Navy bought 110,000 acres near the deep-water ports of Wilmington and Morehead city. In April 1941, Congress approved $14 million for the construction of the facilities there and by the end of 1942, the site was Marine Barracks Camp Lejeune in honor of Major General John A. Lejeune before the name was changed in 1944 to the present Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. Over the next half-century, Camp Lejeune sent troops to Korea, Vietnam, Pacific islands, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Iraq, to just to name a few. The site now consists of 156,000 acres of land, 11 miles of beachfront, 32 gun positions, 48 landing zones, and 3 urban terrain training facilities. Currently, the base and surrounding area support 180,000 active military personnel, retirees, and civilian employees. 

Schools in Jacksonville, NC

Onslow County Schools, after the Department of Defense, is the second largest employer in Jacksonville. Schools such as 
Carolina Forest Elementary, School Bell Fork Elementary School, and New Bridge Middle School rank highly in the area. If a child lives as a dependent with a military sponsor in designated housing on Camp Lejeune, then he or she is eligible to attend Camp Lejeune Dependents Schools which are Department of Defense Education Activity sponsored. Colleges in the region include North Carolina-Wilmington College, North Carolina Wesleyan College, Duke University, and Barton College.

Jacksonville, North Carolina's courthouse

Attractions - What to do in Jacksonville, NC

Besides spending time at the beach at North Carolina's Outer Banks, there is plenty to do around Jacksonville North Carolina. One can visit the Freedom Fountain, see animals at Lynnwood zoo, play golf at seven different golf courses, and spend time on Bear Island with the family. If one is looking for activities with a little more excitement, one can travel to the Coastal Plains Raceway, Coastal Paintball, or go for a bike ride on the new trail system.


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