03 May 2013

New RallyPoint public pages give everyone better visibility into units and duty stations

RallyPoint is now displaying public (sterilized) pages for every military unit and duty station within RallyPoint. This represents tens of thousands of pages, and we will be unrolling them in batches over the next few weeks.

These pages will provide useful information to those searching for more information about units and duty stations, but who are not yet members of RallyPoint.

Duty Station Pages

For example, members may start exploring duty stations by visiting the Pentagon RallyPoint page. As you may see, these pages show you not only the major commands located at each duty station, but also an interactive map showing you where all the near by duty stations are located. Visitors will also note a sterilized view of "Happening now on RallyPoint" -- giving a preview of the kinds of member activities happening within the network.

Here examples of some other duty station pages:

Unit Pages

We also have public facing pages providing basic information about every unit on RallyPoint. These pages give useful information such as its location, parent unit, adjacent units, and subordinate units. Just like the Duty Station Pages, there is also a sterilized view of "Happening now on RallyPoint." For example, you can begin by checking out the Office of the Secretary of Defense or Missile Defense Agency. We also go down to very specific units, for example, the J3 Operations of PACOM.

Everybody is familiar with their own specific units, but here are some more DoD organizations you may not be familiar with:

We have over 25,000 additional units on RallyPoint, going all the way down to the office or O-3 command level. Check out RallyPoint.com to see where your contacts are currently serving!

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